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"[An] excellent solution for production write-up and collaborative accounting with clients, and integrated with the other solutions in the CS [Professional] Suite."

CPA Practice Advisor reviews our next-generation accounting software (external link)

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Unprecedented Collaboration Between Accountants and Clients

Accounting CS puts your write-up, trial balance, payroll compliance, and client accounting software on a single platform, creating powerful connections between clients, information, and applications. It combines sophisticated functionality and unprecedented collaboration capabilities into an unparalleled package.

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Professional accounting software that's easy to set up

Quickly set up new clients in a variety of industries and entity types.

Easy Setup and Standardization

Accounting CS automatically integrates with many of your other applications. A smart, templated interface helps you set up new clients faster and create firm-wide standards that increase efficiency and consistency. And powerful chart of accounts grouping features enable you to arrange client data in exactly the way you choose.

Standardized account groupings enable you to make custom edits to financials, then automatically apply them across all clients. Tax code assignments are automatically integrated with UltraTax CS for easy setup.

Revolutionary Collaboration Capabilities

Accounting CS introduces a whole new way of working together with business clients, allowing you and your clients to collaborate online in real time and eliminating time-consuming imports and exports.

Accounting CS Client Access does even more, giving your clients a powerful tool for performing day-to-day business activities that you can set up right from your desktop, without ever visiting your clients' offices. Client data is available to you instantaneously on a secure online portal, and you maintain control over what your clients can access.

Professional accounting software with collaborative capabilities
Professional accounting software for powerful cross-client and multi-user processing

Powerful Cross-Client and Multi-User Processing

The task-based structure of Accounting CS allows your staff to process multiple clients simultaneously and allows multiple users to work in the same client's files simultaneously. This frees you to divide workloads in new ways and enables staff to specialize by task rather than by client.

Accounting CS streamlines your workflow even more through powerful integration with UltraTax CS and Fixed Assets CS. It includes advanced trial balance features, or you can choose to integrate with the even more sophisticated trial balance and workpaper management capabilities of Workpapers CS

Flexible Document Creation and Output

Use standard reports and financial statements or create an unlimited variety of custom report formats. Then, group those reports into firm-wide report profiles that can be used over and over for multiple clients. When you're ready to print, it's easier than ever to get exactly what you want the first time.

Professional accounting software allowing flexible document creation
Secure, professional accounting software

Sophisticated Firm-Wide Security

Set up custom firm-level security groups that enable you to determine precisely who sees what, and to extend password protection to the entire program if you choose. You can even monitor actions that affect client data with the event tracking feature, which tracks details including the date and time the action took place and the staff member who executed it.

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