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Collaborate With Clients in Real Time

Unparalleled Collaboration Between Accountants and Clients

Accounting CS Client Access is a revolutionary approach that enables you and your clients to work simultaneously in the same real-time database. Your clients enter data and conduct day-to-day business activities using a password-protected NetClient CS portal on your website. This makes client data available to you instantaneously, eliminating imports and exports.

Accounting CS Client Access allows you to tightly control your clients' level of access and also enables your clients to create up-to-the-minute reports that use real-time data. There's no need to learn a separate client-side accounting interface, and you can get it all up and running without ever visiting your clients' offices.

Client accounting collaboration with Accounting CS Client Access

Share the Same Database, Interface, and Real-Time Data

By sharing a common database, the same user interface, and the same real-time data with your clients, you gain greater control over the financial activity of their business, allowing you more time to provide financial advice and deliver valued-added services. Your clients gain the benefits of using a next-generation small-business solution for completing their day-to-day tasks, with no importing or exporting required.

Client accounting with Accounting CS Client Access: Process Payroll Tax Forms

Client Accounting: Transaction Data Entry—In a single location, clients can quickly view their total cash available as they easily enter checks, deposits, and other payment data.

Eliminate Non-Billables to Make Your Practice More Profitable

Once you establish the functionality and data to share with your clients, you can spend more time generating revenue as you eliminate client errors, cumbersome QuickBooks integration, file transfers, imports and exports, travel time, document storage fees, and other profit-sapping expenses.

Customize and Control Your Clients' Services

Client Access not only lets you choose which services to make available to each client, it also lets you block certain functionality and data and maintain tight security control. The services available through Accounting CS Client Access include:

Client Checkwriting

Automate check writing and daily bookkeeping functions for your clients to help them keep track of their bank account balances and quickly process their checkbook transactions. Client checkwriting features include the ability to:

  • Print checks individually or in batches
  • Retrieve online bank transactions for automatic bank account reconciliation
  • Send vendor payments via direct deposit

Client Payroll

Automate payroll functions for your clients to help them with processing payroll, check writing, and direct deposit, while you focus on your client's tax compliance needs such as preparing quarterly payroll tax returns and year-end W-2s. Client payroll features include the ability to:

  • Automate calculations for state and local tax withholding based on the company and employee address
  • Process and report for employees who work in multiple departments and/or locations
  • Use the "payroll setup only" option to allow your clients to set up and modify employee information while limiting access to processing screens

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Accounting CS offers complete accounts payable and accounts receivable service, making it possible for clients to process payables and receivables in-house or allow clients to do their own processing using Accounting CS Client Access.

  • Enter payables and credit memos from the same screen, using either a rapid view or a detail view
  • Generate sophisticated, up-to-the-minute reports, including Aging Schedule, Cash Requirements, Payable and Payment List, Purchases Journal, Vendor Activity, and more
  • Set up firm-wide terms for clients to track due dates and outstanding payables and receivables

Hosted Applications

Accounting CS Client Access gives you the option of offering your clients a suite of cloud-based office productivity applications through Virtual Client Office, including FileCabinet CS, Microsoft® Word®, Excel®, and Outlook®. It’s a great way to expand your client relationships by becoming a trusted provider of technology services.

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