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4.75 Stars

FileCabinet CS receives 4.75 stars, August 2014
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Make Paperless Processing a Reality with FileCabinet CS

Designed for accountants, FileCabinet CS allows you to access, view, and email documents in an instant—all in a secure environment. Start enjoying the countless time and money-saving benefits of streamlined document management today!

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A Document Management System That Offers Instant Access to Documents

FileCabinet CS operates like an electronic file cabinet offering instant access to all your documents. You'll save valuable staff time by eliminating the need to look through paper files. And with frequent data back-ups, you won’t have to worry about document security.

Integrated Software to Save You Time

FileCabinet CS shares data with other CS Professional Suite software by recognizing the client, application, document type, and time period you're working on and filing it appropriately.

FileCabinet CS document management system integrates with other software

Source Document Processing and OCR—Save More Time During Tax Season

With Source Document Processing, FileCabinet CS users can transmit scanned tax source documents for OCR processing, page naming, and data extraction. The extracted tax data can then be reviewed and shared with UltraTax CS, so tax returns can be completed without re-keying data.

Our document management system works with UltraTax CS

Do You Know How Much Paper is Costing You? Find Out Now!

See for yourself what you're spending on current document management with our quick Paper Cost Calculator.

Save on paper with our document management system

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