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Source Document Processing

Streamline Source Document Management and 1040 Workflow

Video: How Source Document Processing Works

Want to see it in action? Watch a video demonstration of how Source Document Management works

Our Source Document Processing service for tax documents takes advantage of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and CS Professional Suite integration to speed tax workflow. With this service you can take advantage of these two great features:

  1. Automatically label and organize your client source documents, making them much easier to locate and identify in your electronic files.
  2. Automatically extract data from the processed source documents for transfer directly into client tax returns in UltraTax CS, reducing laborious data entry work.

Here's how it works:

Automatically Label and Organize Client Source Documents using FileCabinet CS

You can get started by scanning, saving, and transmitting your client source documents (e.g., W-2s, 1099s, brokerage statements, etc., including embedded PDFs) using FileCabinet CS. (Note: You must also license UltraTax CS to take advantage of this service.) Next, our host computers use OCR technology to quickly process your scans into neatly organized and labeled client files. Then, you simply retrieve your nicely formatted client source documents back into FileCabinet CS. Managing source documents has never been so easy.

Note: For best scanning results, you'll want to make sure both your scanning software and your scanner are set to 300 DPI resolution. For more information, visit our Help & How-To Center and search on best practices for scanning using Source Document Processing.

Share Source Data in UltraTax CS with the Optional Data Extraction Feature

If you'd like to speed tax paperless tax workflow even more, you can take advantage of our data extraction feature using UltraTax CS. When we process source documents, specific data (e.g., Form W-2 dollar amounts) is automatically extracted. If you choose, you can have this extracted data transfer automatically to UltraTax CS, saving you hours of data entry time.

UltraTax CS Source Data Entry

OCR processing makes it possible to automatically transfer source data directly to the UltraTax CS return.

For more detail about this feature and the forms we support for data extraction, check out our Source Document Processing Service Fact Sheet. Both timesaving features, including labeling and organizing and optional data extraction, are included for $6 per client, per tax year—no matter how many source documents the client has. You can also purchase a one-year unlimited license for $1,560.

Efficiency Gains = Time & Money Savings

Source Document Processing not only manages client source documents with ease and speeds 1040 processing, it also helps you effectively manage staff resources—saving you time and money.

Note: Source Document Processing relies on OCR technology to read the various designs and formats of the forms you scan, and therefore the degree of accuracy will vary.

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