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Designed for the full-service accounting firm, our comprehensive suite of integrated products enables you to offer the most valued and profitable client services. Building long-term relationships is what it's all about and we've got you covered with accounting, payroll, and everything in between.

Accounting CS

Accounting CS combines write-up, trial balance, payroll, financial reporting, and client accounting into one flexible, customizable platform. It connects your firm with clients, information, and applications in new ways and allows you to securely collaborate with clients in real time.

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Workpapers CS

Workpapers CS is the first engagement application designed from the ground up to work in the cloud. Its single-interface, single-database structure puts the information you need at your fingertips with no syncing, no imports, and no exports. Online collaboration is easier than you ever thought possible, and your information is always up to date.

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AdvanceFlow is the first audit management application that combines the convenience of the cloud with enterprise-level processing power. Real-time engagements, workpapers, and colleagues are available with just a click, even for the most complex clients and the most data-intensive jobs.

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Engagement CS

Engagement CS is a powerful, all-inclusive engagement solution that offers a completely paperless workflow, robust collaboration tools, and full compliance at every step of the engagement through integration with PPC's SMART Practice Aids.

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