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Accounting CS Client Access

Accounting CS Client Access creates a real-time, two-way connection between you and your clients, taking collaboration to a new level and allowing you and your clients to tailor the division of payroll tasks precisely to your needs. It provides your payroll clients with a complete payroll processing system that they access through your firm’s website.

The client payroll tool is completely integrated with firm-side operations, and data that your clients enter is available to you in real time. You maintain complete control over which services are available to each client. Accounting CS Client Access is an add-on feature that requires Accounting CS

  • Give your clients the tools to process payroll, run reports, and pay employees—all linked directly to your firm
  • Save time on data entry and other tedious tasks, enabling you to focus on tax compliance needs such as performing quarterly payroll tax returns and year-end W-2s
  • Customize fees for each client using an unlimited number of fee schedules and discounts.

Improved Data Management

  • Import bank statement files (including OFX, QFX, and QIF files).
  • Expedite EFTPS processing to create federal enrollment files and federal tax payments.
  • Process and report for employees who work in multiple departments and/or locations
  • Use the "payroll setup only" option to allow your clients to set up and modify employee information while limiting access to processing screens
  • Allow your clients to access specific payroll reports that they can customize and produce at any time, using up-to-the-minute data
  • Get the whole system up and running without ever visiting your clients' offices

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