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Cloud Computing

Say goodbye to your IT headaches! Our cloud computing options offer you a scalable, reliable, and secure web-hosted environment that ensures business continuance in any circumstance—from weather emergencies to natural disasters. And with the ability to let your employees work from anywhere, you can make the best use of your staff and resources.

More Than a Decade of Experience in Web Hosting

We’ve been hosting online applications for more than a decade (take a look at our interactive Web Services timeline) and currently offer two popular web-hosted cloud computing options:

The Ultimate in Data Security

You can rest assured that your software and data are in the most secure location available—our network of advanced data centers.

To learn more about data security, read the profile (PDF).

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    The Affordable Tax, Accounting, and Practice Management Software Solution
    This total software leasing solution makes it possible for any firm to take advantage of the entire award-winning CS Professional Suite—without a large up-front investment. And as your firm's software requirements change during the year, you can change your profile to reflect your situation. It's a convenient and cost-effective way to handle your software needs.
  • Virtual Office CS
    24/7 Software & Data Access
    Virtual Office CS offers anytime, anywhere remote access to your software, relieving you of the IT burden and ensuring business continuance. The full line of CS Professional Suite tax and accounting software and select Microsoft® products are available in the Virtual Office CS environment. Your programs operate and integrate just as if the programs were loaded on your hard drive; however, the software is loaded on our secure servers, so we take care of maintenance and updates—all you have to do is log on, go to work, and enjoy peace of mind.

Virtual Office CS/SaaS Feature Comparison

Not sure which cloud computing option is best for you? Check out each option's features at a glance with the handy chart below, and visit our Buy vs. Lease page for more information.

Feature Virtual Office CS
Anytime/anywhere access check check
Maximize remote staff and resources check check
Option to install CS Professional Suite products locally check  
Reduce IT infrastructure burdens check check
Data automatically backed up check check
New product releases and product updates installed automatically check check
Data stored on secure servers check check
Ensure business continuance check check
Add or drop staffing levels at any time check check
Renew product licenses annually check  
Ability to use all UltraTax CS federal, state, and e-file products without per-return usage fees   check
Technical support billable on certain products* check  
Access documents, schedules, and employee information via staff portals check check
Choose from pre-defined staff profiles that include a combination of CS Professional Suite products   check

*UltraTax CS technical support is never billable in any configuration.

Our experts can evaluate your needs and help you design exactly the right delivery option for your firm. Give us a call at 800.968.8900 today.