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Business Workflow Consulting

Are you looking for ways to streamline your current processes? Would you like more insight into where your firm can become more efficient?

Our Business Workflow Consulting is designed to help you take a step back and look at your daily processes objectively to see where you can improve efficiency. We'll spend some time with you observing your daily practices, and make recommendations based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Working with your consultant, your firm will follow the four phases of business workflow consulting listed below and conclude with a detailed report and review session.

  1. Discovery — Share information with your consultant about your firm’s needs, goals, strengths, and areas of concerns. Complete the groundwork for the areas your consultant will focus on.
  2. Onsite Analysis — Help your consultant understand your firm’s current processes, as well as the hardware and software in use at your firm, during a dedicated one-day onsite visit where he or she will observe, interview key decision makers, and job shadow.
  3. Subject Matter Expert — Your consultant will share their findings with subject matter experts at Thomson Reuters and begin their analysis to develop recommendations.
  4. Report Findings — Review the comprehensive findings and recommendations with your consultant, including suggestions for meeting your goals and increasing your return on investment.

Each recommendation will address four specific points clearly and concisely:

  • Potential outcome
  • Steps required to implement
  • Items from initial analysis that have been addressed
  • Potential cost of implemention

Why Choose Business Workflow Consulting?

Many firms find it difficult to objectively review their day-to-day processes, simply because they're too close to them. But when you work with our expert consultants, you'll benefit from:

  • Their variety and years of experience, including unique skills that allow them to pinpoint, evaluate, and report back on issues, plus show you how to overcome them.
  • Findings that will show you how to better align your staff and workflow with your firm’s vision.
  • Results that will help you understand if your firm is getting the most out of its current software—plus, action steps to achieve success will be provided with our recommendations for improvement.

We also provide insight into how other firms of comparable size are benefitting from Thomson Reuters applications and technology, and the specific areas you need to focus on to stay competitive.