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Engagement CS receives top rating, February 2012
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One-Stop Audit Software for Easier Engagement Management

Engagement CS is the most comprehensive tax workflow and accounting audit management software available. With the ability to build the whole package to your needs, you can easily organize any professional engagement, from planning and review to final document archiving, ensuring a complete, accurate, and cost-effective audit engagement every time.

Paperless Workflow—Lighten Your Workload, Lighten Your Life

With a complete audit process that's integrated with PPC guidance and Microsoft® Office, Engagement CS makes it easy to keep track of projects from creation through archive, provide workpaper diagnostics and audit checklists throughout the process, and share access, so the whole team can work together in one central binder no matter where they are.

Share resources 24/7 across multiple offices

Compliance is Key

An Innovation Award winner for its data sharing features with the profession's most powerful research and guidance tools (Checkpoint® Tools, PPC®'s SMART Practice Aids, and RIA Research Integration), Engagement CS helps you meet tax and accounting audit standards and risk assessment standards, so you stay compliant with GAAP, AICPA Professional Standards, SEC requirements, and current tax law.

Innovation awards for our financial audit software

Efficient, Flexible, and Powerful Reporting Capabilities

Engagement CS allows you to quickly create trial balances, including the ability for multiple staff to make trial balance adjustments simultaneously, and create professional, customized financial statements and reports with ease.

The three-pane layout of our financial audit software

Secure Staff Collaboration Tools

With the versatile management tools in Engagement CS, you can assign documents and keep track of who's touching which documents and who's signing off on what. Plus, with its unique multi-staff functionality, Engagement CS lets all team members access workpapers and the trial balance simultaneously, if needed, freeing you from the cumbersome logistics of checking out, transferring, and synchronizing files.

The three-pane layout of our financial audit software

The system's three-pane layout allows you to view all activity on one screen.

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