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Planner CS receives top rating

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Planner CS receives top rating, September 2013
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Comprehensive Tax Planning Adds Value for Your Clients

With Planner CS, you can review countless tax strategies and communicate results easily using a variety of presentation tools. From simple to complex client scenarios, you can:

  • Devise strategies to minimize your clients' tax liability
  • Avoid alternative minimum tax
  • Calculate required estimated tax payments
  • Track carryforward items to future years
  • Compare effects of filing jointly vs. married filing separately
  • And more

It's also easy to create an unlimited number of scenarios over any number of years, including resident and nonresident state calculations.

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Review tax strategies and communicate results with our tax analysis software

Save Time with Quick-to-Learn, Easy-to-Use Tax Analysis Tools

With Planner CS, navigating within different plans is easy. You can use a series of buttons and tabbed displays and a familiar grid interface for data entry. The simple navigation and timesaving templates let you quickly and easily analyze complex tax planning needs for your clients. You can even view the implications of various plan alternatives as you make changes using the Planner CS unique Watch Window.

Create Professional Looking Presentations

With built-in word processing and graphing capabilities, Planner CS allows you to create a professional presentation that will help you clearly communicate tax advice and various tax alternatives to your clients.

Create professional looking presentations with our tax analysis software

Less Re-keying is Better

Planner CS automatically imports client data directly from UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS to minimize data entry for individual tax planning.

Our tax analysis software imports directly from UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS

We'll Make Sure Your Tax Calculations are Correct

It's time to retire your tax calculation spreadsheets and let us make sure you have the correct calculations. Timely program updates throughout the year keep you up to date on the latest federal and state tax law changes, such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the American Taxpayer Relief Act, the expanded Education credits, and more.

Our tax analysis software is kept up to date with the most recent tax law changes

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