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Buy Vs. Lease

Because each firm has its own unique needs, we offer a variety of software delivery and hosting options. Whether you prefer web-hosted cloud computing or the more traditional local software installation configuration, you'll find it in the CS Professional Suite.

Traditional Software Purchase

Buy Your License(s) and Manage Your Own Software Installation

This option, the traditional model of software purchasing, allows you to purchase licenses that enable you to install our products on anything from a single computer to a dedicated server that spans multiple locations. You (or your IT professional) are responsible for downloading and installing new software releases and updates and for regularly backing up your data. This is an excellent choice for firms who prefer to maintain their own software and hardware environment. We also offer two popular web-hosted cloud computing options—perfect for firms that prefer to have their applications hosted:

Cloud Computing – Software Purchase or Lease

  • Buy Your License(s) and Have Us Host Your Software through Virtual Office CS

    With this option, you purchase your product license(s) and pay monthly hosting fees to access your products in the Virtual Office CS environment. We host the products you've licensed for your firm at our secure data centers. The programs operate and integrate just as if they were installed locally at your office, but we take care of maintenance and updates—you simply open your browser, log on, and go to work. Virtual Office CS allows you and your staff to access your applications "in the cloud" and since you own the products, you also have the option of installing them locally in your office if necessary.
  • Lease Your Software through SaaS (Software as a Service)

    Our newest cloud computing delivery option, SaaS for the CS Professional Suite, allows you to lease CS Professional Suite products by staff profile (e.g. full service, tax, accounting, admin). The software and data is hosted at our dedicated, secure data centers—you just open your browser, log on, and go to work as if the products were installed locally. The benefits of this option include minimal up-front costs, no product renewals, easy software budgeting, and access to all products in the CS Professional Suite based on your choice of SaaS profiles. And because we handle hosting and software updates, your overhead costs are lower as well.

Virtual Office CS/SaaS Feature Comparison

Not sure which cloud computing option is best for you? Check out each option's features at a glance with the handy chart below.

Feature Virtual Office CS
Anytime/anywhere access check check
Maximize remote staff and resources check check
Option to install CS Professional Suite products locally check  
Reduce IT infrastructure burdens check check
Data automatically backed up check check
New product releases and product updates installed automatically check check
Data stored on secure servers check check
Ensure business continuance check check
Add or drop staffing levels at any time check check
Renew product licenses annually check  
Ability to use all UltraTax CS federal, state, and e-file products without per-return usage fees   check
Technical support billable on certain products* check  
Access documents, schedules, and employee information via staff portals check check
Choose from pre-defined staff profiles that include a combination of CS Professional Suite products   check

*UltraTax CS technical support is never billable in any configuration.

Our experts can evaluate your needs and help you design exactly the right delivery option for your firm. Give us a call at 800.968.8900 today.