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From Paperless to Less Paper:

Ten Ways to Dial Down Paper Usage Without Going Cold Turkey

Even if you're not ready to go 100% paperless, you can significantly reduce paper usage and increase efficiency at your firm by making a few simple changes. This white paper tells you how.

Automating Tax Workflow

Leveraging Technology to Refine 1040 Workflow

This product brief gives firms a starting point for adopting an automated end-to-end 1040 tax workflow. It also discusses ways firms can take advantage of technology to make the best use of their tax professionals' time—allowing them to focus on chargeable tax work.

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Automating Business Tax Workflow

Using Engagement Products for Business Tax Workflow

The need for firms to adopt an automated workflow is a frequent subject of discussion among tax and accounting professionals. This white paper explains how firms can take advantage of workpapers and integrated online research to make better use of the tax professional's time, and how firms can achieve greater efficiency by automating workflow.

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Checkpoint Tools and PPC's Smart Practice Aids in Virtual Office CS

Checkpoint, the tax and accounting profession's most efficient research platform, can easily be integrated into Virtual Office CS for convenient access to expert analysis and guidance. This product brief offers answers to some frequently asked questions about using Checkpoint Tools and PPC's SMART Practice Aids in the Virtual Office CS environment.

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Now Available: The Mobile Tax and Accounting Office of the Future

Recent trends have shown a significant movement toward mobile computing—not only in the overall U.S. business community, but in the tax and accounting profession as well. This white paper can help firms take advantage of mobile technology to drive efficiencies and provide outstanding customer service.

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Making the Leap to the Cloud

Is My Data Private and Secure?

This white paper covers the advantages of hosting data off-site with a cloud computing provider. It goes over the basics of how cloud computing works, discusses security issues, and offers valuable tips on choosing a cloud computing provider.

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Thomson Reuters Comprehensive Audit Suite

Leveraging Integration to Increase Efficiency and Ensure Compliance

This white paper offers guidance on streamlining audit processes using our integrated tools, including Engagement CS, Checkpoint® Tools, and PPC's SMART PracticeAids™. It discusses ways to increase accuracy, standardize audit processes, and stay connected from any location with integrated guidance, research, and workpaper management.

See also: Engagement CS, Checkpoint Tools, and PPC's SMART PracticeAids

Implementing a Firm-Wide Portal Solution

This white paper covers the basics of secure client portal technology. It discusses how portals work, their benefits, how to get buy-in from staff and clients, and suggested steps for a smooth and effective portal implementation.

Best Practices for Deploying Engagement CS in a Fieldwork Environment

The built-in collaboration tools in Engagement CS enable field staff to work simultaneously to complete engagements quickly. This white paper addresses key factors firms should consider before implementing Engagement CS in the field in order to achieve maximum workflow efficiency.

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Best Practices for Implementation and Setup of Practice CS in Small and Medium-sized Firms

This white paper provides detailed insight into recommended best practices for implementation of Practice CS, along with additional issues to consider prior to setting up this system for a firm. It can also benefit current users of Practice CS.

See also: Practice CS

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