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Source Document Processing

Video: How Source Document Processing Works

Watch a video demonstration of how Source Document Processing works

Source Document Processing makes it easy to integrate paper source documents into an automated tax workflow. It automatically organizes and labels source documents, and can even transmit data from those documents into UltraTax CS. Here's how the process works:

  1. The process begins when paper source documents from your client are scanned into FileCabinet CS.
  2. Next, these scanned documents are sent from within FileCabinet CS to our data centers for Source Document Processing. In this step, OCR technology is used to label each document, organize related documents into groups, and produce a neatly labeled and organized set of client source documents. OCR technology is also used to capture data directly from the scanned source documents.
  3. After processing is completed, the labeled and organized client source documents are retrieved into FileCabinet CS. Because each document is neatly labeled and related documents are grouped together, it's easy and fast to select a document for viewing.

Note: Embedded PDFs may also be sent for processing.

For UltraTax CS users, the data captured in step 2 can then be retrieved into the UltraTax CS Source Data Entry module, where it can be verified, corrected as needed, and seamlessly transferred into an UltraTax CS client's 1040 tax return.

How UltraTax CS and FileCabinet CS work together to save time, money and resources during the busy tax season

The Source Document Processing Service offers firms a workflow strategy that can save significant time, money, and staff resources, and substantially reduce 1040 tax preparation time and costs.

View the forms supported by this service and other information in the Source Document Processing fact sheet.

Process Additional Clients for Only $6 Per Client/Per Tax Year

Like what you see? The Source Document Processing service is available at $6 per client/per tax year, no matter how many scanned source documents are submitted. This price includes the labeling and organizing feature, with the data extraction feature included free of charge. You can also purchase a one-year unlimited license for $1,500.

Ensure the Most Accurate Results

Consider purchasing and installing scanning software that offers additional settings and functionality to help clean up scanned images. Before you start scanning, please confirm your scanner is set to the following:

  • Black & White (not gray scale or color)
  • 300 DPI
  • Scan Area 8.5 x 11
  • Contrast and black threshold should be set to medium

In FileCabinet CS, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu choose Image
  2. Click on Scan
  3. Then choose Options
  4. Remove the check in the Reduce image size on disk checkbox

Note: You must have a scanner installed to enable the scan menu options.


For more information on the Source Document Processing service, visit the FileCabinet CS or UltraTax CS product pages. You can also call us at 800.968.8900, or contact us online.

Note: OCR (optical character recognition) is the mechanical or electronic translation of images of typewritten or printed text into machine-editable text. Because Source Document Processing relies on OCR technology to read the various designs and formats of the forms scanned, the degree of accuracy will vary.

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