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Tax & Asset Management

Turn your firm into a one-stop, full-service financial resource for your clients with tax prep software from Thomson Reuters. Our industry-leading professional tax software is supported and enhanced by other tax workflow applications that integrate to help your firm complete more returns and save processing time.

  • UltraTax CS
    The most comprehensive family of tax preparation products available to professionals, UltraTax CS combines advanced technology, seamless integration, and powerful features to streamline your entire tax practice workflow—from initial client data collection to tax return e-filing.
  • GoSystem Tax RS
    Used by 8 of the top 10 firms in the country, GoSystem Tax RS allows multiple staff to work on returns concurrently, in an ultra-secure online environment that can be scaled up or down as business needs dictate.
  • Fixed Assets CS
    Manage your clients' fixed asset needs quickly and easily with this powerful, customizable solution, which seamlessly integrates with other CS Professional Suite products.
  • Planner CS
    Add high-value tax planning services to your client offerings. Planner CS allows you to analyze tax strategies and communicate results easily using a variety of presentation tools.
  • ToolBox CS
    Save valuable time all year round—but especially during tax season—with financial and tax calculators, a collection of calculating federal forms, IRS flowcharts, and more.

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