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Welcome to UltraTax CS and the Thomson Reuters family! We want to assure you that we will do everything we can to help you make a smooth transition to UltraTax CS.

We have helped thousands of firms switch from their previous tax software to UltraTax CS. We've used that experience to create a comprehensive TaxWorks to UltraTax CS transition package that includes:

  • The highest-rated, most comprehensive tax compliance system in the profession, with the features you loved most in TaxWorks plus much more
  • Special renewal pricing on UltraTax CS and incentives for other CS Professional Suite products
  • A team of dedicated TaxWorks-to-UltraTax CS transition specialists who will work to get you comfortable with UltraTax CS as quickly and seamlessly as possible
  • The most accurate, thorough, and timely data conversion available, using a custom data conversion utility that we're creating in collaboration with the TaxWorks development team
  • Free training that will get you and your staff up and running on UltraTax CS fast

Get Started With UltraTax CS

You can get started with UltraTax CS by watching this short video that provides an overview of UltraTax CS and how it compares to TaxWorks.

Welcome TaxWorks Customers to UltraTax CS

About This Video

An overview of UltraTax CS and how it compares to TaxWorks. (2:48)

Are you a TaxWorks customer looking for new tax preparation software? See what UltraTax CS can offer

Join Us for a Free Webinar

We also recommend you attend our free TaxWorks to UltraTax CS webinar which includes:

  • A tour of UltraTax CS, covering similarities and differences between TaxWorks and UltraTax CS
  • Information on free training
  • More about our UltraTax CS renewal pricing for TaxWorks customers
  • Details on converting your TaxWorks data to the UltraTax CS format

The flexible webinar format allows you to participate from the comfort of your home or office and at a time convenient for you.

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Webinar registration is easy if you create an account on our website (optional). You'll need your Firm ID to create an account, so call 855.244.5982 or email us if you didn't receive that in the mail.
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We've also put together a variety of other resources including videos, a brochure, and a free trial of UltraTax CS. You can access them from the toolbar at the right side of this page. And of course, you can contact your TaxWorks to UltraTax CS transition specialist for personal assistance at 855.244.5982.