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Check out the testimonials from real people (just like you), working in real firms (just like yours), and see how they're using our innovative product and service solutions to save time and money.

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CS Professional Suite

"We are always looking for ways to simplify workflow and increase revenue... The CS Professional Suite provides a foundation for that vision."

Lawhorn & Associates, PLLC
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FileCabinet CS

"What a phenomenal product! I can't imagine working in an office without it."

Lundy & Bowers CPA
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"We wanted a vehicle to integrate all our offices, to make it easier for them to work with each other."

Williams & Company, P.C.
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"GoFileRoom is stable and proven... intuitive and easy to use."

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
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"After one demo, my staff was ready for the change. No, they insisted on the change. They said, ‘We have to have this.’ "

TaxOps, LLC
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"The GoFileRoom interface is generations ahead in its functionality."

Burr, Pilger & Mayer LLP
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"The head of our tax department uses GoFileRoom to determine workflow, the status of all projects, and where the bottlenecks are."

Horovitz, Rudoy & Roteman
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Practice CS

“Being able to bill immediately for all the little pieces of the day that our old system couldn't account for helps clients realize that our time is valuable."

D.D. Pyle Company, PC
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"It was an easy transition. The training was comprehensive and the layout of Practice CS is very logical."

Godecke Clark
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"Practice CS paid for itself within 2 months, and it's still going strong."

Sheryl Messner, CPA, PC
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"We invested in extra training and felt that it really paid off."

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"Practice CS is the closest you can get to continually tracking your essential business activities in real time."

Root and Associates, LLC
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"Even with the cost of the software and training, we made the investment back almost overnight."

Bobby Medlin, CPA, PC
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UltraTax CS

"For someone who's thinking of switching...one of the best aspects of UltraTax CS is the support."

Torosian & Walter, LLP
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"With UltraTax CS and the CS Professional Suite, technology became our partner."

Alfermann, Gray & Company, LLC
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"The accurate and reliable tax processing software grants me the ability to quickly process basic and intermediate tax returns at high volumes and high profit rates."

Leuthner Tax & Financial
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"The crux of my firm's revenue is generated from tax preparation using UltraTax CS."

Rick Mosier & Associates
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Virtual Office CS

"In order for us to be successful and grow our business, we need to stop thinking inward and with a do-it-yourself mentality."

Cordasco & Company, PC
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"I was happy that I didn't have to drive out to all my clients' offices before a hurricane and make sure they had backed up their accounting data."

CPA Solutions, PA
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"I cannot afford to risk sensitive client data to a local computer tech and a security system on my doors and windows."

Sonya Laney, CPA, PA
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"I was tired of relying on a bunch of computer geeks. We reduced our IT staff within three months of getting the service. Hardware and software are non-issues with Virtual Office CS!"

Advanced Accounting
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