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Tax and Accounting Tools
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Tax Tools, Accounting Tools, Calculators, Forms, and More

With the handy tax and accounting tools in ToolBox CS, you can access tools like financial, accounting, and tax calculators, a large collection of calculating federal forms, flowcharts from the IRS, many timesaving templates to help you create more effective internal office documents, business, individual, and healthcare tax worksheets, organizers, and more.

Access tax tools such as tax calculators

The Year-Round Tax Calculator

With convenient calculators to help you estimate retirement needs, mortgage obligations, loan amortization, and more, you’ll have tools you can use all year long.

Plus, you'll save valuable time during tax preparation with tax calculators, IRS forms and federal forms, overall financial planning tools to compute things such as mortgage calculations and more. You can process your clients' financial documents faster than ever, calculate financial data with ease, gain quick access to key IRS forms and related documents, and manage workflow.

Use our tax tool, Toolbox CS all year long

Increase Client Engagement

ToolBox CS was built with many easy-access financial planning tools to help you handle your clients' needs with speed and precision. For instance, when you need to know if a client qualifies for a particular tax credit, you can simply follow the built-in flowchart, print the results, and explain the situation to your client in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, the intuitive staff dialog enables you to quickly input forms that apply to employees of your firm, such as Power of Attorney, Forms 8821, 8865, and Form W-12 preparer PTIN.