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Custom Training

Custom training is taught by our professional instructors and delivered onsite at your office, onsite at our Ann Arbor, Michigan facility, or via the web. We'll work closely with you to define the curriculum and a training timeline that's right for your firm. Professional accreditation is available.

How Does It Work?

Custom Training is designed to cover the questions and information your firm specifically needs to know, so you get the most out of every minute of your session. You'll work with a subject matter expert to:

  • Define the purpose and objectives for your course
  • Develop the training topics and an appropriate timeline to complete your objectives
  • Determine and validate the training approach

What Are the Benefits?

With Custom Training, you see your return on investment almost immediately. We work with your staff as one cohesive group or appropriate groups of personnel, on specific topics. With your session:

  • You'll learn from a dedicated instructor, who has expert knowledge of the specific products your firm is using.
  • You can focus on broad or specific topics, depending on your needs.
  • You'll receive guidance and recommendations for implementation.
  • Instead of using sample data, you can choose to customize your experience even further by using your own data, since your staff will already be familiar with it.
  • You can deliver your firm's goals and objectives (developed with your instructor) to your entire staff at once, keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Each participant receives a training guide to re-enforce what they learn.
  • We can answer your questions more specifically than in standard training courses.
  • You can learn more about training your clients on the value and use of NetClient CS client portals and Accounting CS Client Access.

Onsite Delivery

Whether we bring your training session to your office or you choose to come to Ann Arbor to avoid the distractions of ringing phones and demanding clients, you'll get the answers you need from a professional instructor. You'll enjoy:

  • The most personalized and intensive delivery method, demonstrating your commitment to your staff's success.
  • Greater retention of materials by your staff with specialized in-person, hands-on training by our professional instructors.

Web Delivery

Custom Training via the web has all the benefits of the other delivery options, yet it's as convenient as turning on your computer. A dedicated professional instructor will work with you to prepare a training session and deliver the content live through a web classroom and over the phone.

For more information on our custom training options, please call 800.968.8900 or contact us online.

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