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The Learning Pyramid

The Learning Pyramid featuring Consulting Services, Custom Training, Seasonal Training, Standard Training, and On-Demand Training Learn more about Consulting Services Learn more about Custom Training Learn more about Seasonal Training Learn more about Standard Training Learn more about On-Demand Training

The Learning Pyramid is your guide to the Training and Consulting services offered at various levels.

Consulting Services

Our trained consulting professionals can analyze your firm's workflow, provide best practices, and help you develop successful implementation and rollout strategies for your Thomson Reuters software.

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Custom Training

Custom training programs are tailored to your firm's specific needs and delivered whenever and wherever it's convenient—onsite or via the web.

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Video screenshot: Thomson Reuters training testimonial

CPA Steve Woronoff on the importance of training to get the most out of your CS Professional Suite software.
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Seasonal Training

During the summer and at year-end, we offer specialized lecture-style instruction to focus on new features and best practices, delivered in a classroom setting or via the Internet.

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Standard Training

Standard training is conducted by our professional instructors and presented live in a classroom, or delivered directly to your office via the Internet.

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On-Demand Training

On-demand training offers affordable, pre-recorded, self-paced accounting software training courses that are available to your entire staff via our website, to be completed whenever it's convenient.

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Not sure where to begin?

To learn more about the training or consulting that best meets your firm's needs, review the table below for our recommendations, or contact your sales representative at 800.968.8900.

I need training for someone new to the software/firm. I want to learn the basics on a wide range of topics. I need training on specific areas for my firm. I want to learn how my software best fits with my business process.
We recommend
On-Demand Training.
We recommend
Standard Training.
We recommend
Custom Training.
We recommend
Consulting Services.

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Consulting Services

We're ready with strategies for successful product implementation and firm growth.