Obtaining your CPE Certificate(s) via the My Account page

Alerts and notices

Your certificates for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits earned from attending qualifying Thomson Reuters training courses or events are available on our website. Certificates are available online up to three years prior to today's date. For details about product learning and to register for classes, see the Training page on our website.

Note: You are not required to submit a CPE form to Thomson Reuters to receive your certificate.

To access a copy of your CPE certificate, complete the following steps:

  1. Visit tax.tr.com and click Log in on the top right corner. In the Access your web accounts section, click Sign in under "CS Professional Suite & Onvio" and then log in using your Thomson Reuters ID.
  2. Click the CPE Certificate link to open the CPE Certification page. Show me.
  3. Select the appropriate date range for your course(s) from the drop-down list. Show me.
    Course date
  4. To narrow your search to a specific course, enter the course title in the Program Name field (this is an optional field). Show me.
    Program name
  5. Click the Search button to initiate your search, and then locate your desired course in the search results list. Click the View or Download links in the Certificate column to generate your certificate. Note that only certificates for credits earned up to three years prior today's date are available online. Show me.
    Generate CPE certificate

Special information

Synergy information

Internal notes

Reviewing training status

To review training records and CPE for all CS Professional Suite training sessions, use the following steps:

  1. Open the firm in EMS.
  2. Select Application > Training/Seminar > View Firm Enrollments and then select the year in which the training occurred.
  3. Classes are listed in alphabetical order by default, but you can filter by various options. Select the column header you'd like to use to filter the training sessions in.
  4. The class title is in the Course or Engagement column, and the First/Last Name and Session Date Time will clarify who was registered.
  5. The CPE Credit will confirm how much CPE credit was granted.

    On Demand and free classes are not eligible for CPE credit.

  6. The Status column will indicate several things: Tell me more!
    Status Definition Action to correct (if applicable)
    Attended Attended session
    • If correct CPE is given, no action is needed.
    • If no or incorrect CPE is given, ask the customer for the codes given during the training and send those to TR-Tax Pro CS Operations for their review. If the codes are correct they will update the CPE in EMS and the customer will be able to access their CPE Certificate for the session on the website.
    Absent User was not captured in the attendance sheet
    • If the customer says they attended, ask them for the codes given during the training, and send those to TR-Tax Pro CS Operations for their review. If the codes are correct they will update the CPE in EMS so the customer will be able to access their CPE Certificate for the session on the website. 
    Confirmed User enrolled in session
    • If the training is scheduled for a later date, the customer has successfully enrolled in the session.
    • If the training has already occurred, it can take us up to 7 days to update attendance. If it's been longer than 7 days, review the information in EMS to be sure there is a CPE Number and a type of training. If this is shown in EMS, contact TR-Tax Pro CS Operations to ask them if they can add the CPE Certificate to the website for the customer's retrieval. 

Possible CPE credit for Synergy

The possible CPE credits available for 2018 Synergy are as follows:

  • 17 for the Synergy Conference.
  • 6 for the Synergy pre-conference classes.
  • A separate certificate for the Practice Forward Connect content.

CPE credit disputes

If the CPE Certificate is not available in EMS, confirm the client was registered, and the contact hasn't been deleted. This may require the submission on an EMS ticket to research. Once the training confirmation is located and associated with the correct contact in EMS, it will be available online.

For customers asking about only receiving partial credit for a course, let them know the RFID badge they wear during the conference tracked their movements during the conference and is accurate based on what was tracked and credit given according to NASBA requirement. Per NASBA requirements, if they are not present for the full session we must round credit received down to a lower CPE hour. For example, if they attended 49 minutes of a 50 minute class, they will receive .8 credits.

To access a list of all attendee credits, see the 2018 Synergy Attendance Report.

If after reviewing the Synergy Attendance Report the customer would like to have an additional review of their CPE, contact the Professional and Consulting Services Director and include the following information in your request:

  • Attendees first and last name
  • Firm ID
  • What is being requested and why they are disputing the amount of credit offered

Synergy CPE for 2016 and earlier

To access the Synergy folder for Synergy CPE for 2016 and before, navigate to  \\pssg.local\userservices\cs\Synergy and select the folder for the corresponding year.

For 2016 Synergy CPE the client will need the SpotMe application link from their email; we no longer have access to it. The specific classes the user attended are listed in the My Attendance field of the SpotMe application.