Unsupported environments for CS Professional Suite applications

Alerts and notices

The system requirements for CS Professional Suite detail which operating systems and environments are supported for CS applications.

Defining supported vs. unsupported

When an operating system or environment is supported, it means:

Therefore, although it may be possible to utilize CS applications in an unsupported operating system or environment:

Examples of unsupported environments

Listed below are a few examples of commonly asked about operating environments that are not supported for the CS Professional Suite.

Note: Third party cloud storage services that do not support Microsoft remote desktop services (i.e. Dropbox) are not supported as an active data location for CS Professional Suite Applications. Using these services for live application or client data can lead to: corrupt clients, slow performance, software crashes, and read/write errors.

Scope of support

Our Support team assists customers by providing information, resources, and troubleshooting for CS Professional Suite applications running in supported environments. We cannot assist with hardware configuration, user and workstation setup, Windows permissions and file-sharing, network and server administration, peripheral devices (such as printers, scanners, and mobile devices), or third-party software. Any issues related to these areas can be resolved with the assistance of your qualified IT personnel and/or the vendor’s support for the software or device in question.

When working with a customer, a Support representative may request your permission to view your screen via WebEx Support Center. Doing so can help ensure that we answer your questions and troubleshoot CS Professional Suite application issues quickly and efficiently. We cannot enter data or modify settings related to your workstation or network.

Our Support team cannot relieve your firm of any legal or professional obligations. Software support does not include tax preparation advice or validation of tax or payroll compliance.

Unsupported configurations in Virtual Office CS or SaaS

Using locally hosted or third party hosted Exchange with Outlook on Virtual Office/Software as a Service is not supported and never has been a supported configuration.  It is recommended to configure a POP3 or IMAP account or migrate to Exchange on Virtual Office CS and SaaS.

What to do when operating in an unsupported environment

If you are using CS applications in an unsupported environment and experience any difficulties, the recommended course of action is to migrate your CS applications and data to a supported operating environment as soon as possible. 

Since assistance from Thomson Reuters in an unsupported environment will be minimal and speculative, please contact your qualified IT professional for technical support in these environments.

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