Setting up accounts payable transaction templates using the Detail tab

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  1. Choose Setup > Payable Templates.
  2. Click the Detail tab, and then click the Add button.
  3. Enter a template ID and description.
  4. In the Template type field, select either On demand or Scheduled.
  5. In the Vendor ID field, select the appropriate vendor or add one on the fly. The application automatically enters the corresponding vendor name in the Name field.
  6. In the Type field, select the type of transaction that will be created from this template - Payable or Credit memo.
  7. For the following fields, if all transactions created from this template will use the same information, enter or select that information. Otherwise, leave the field blank and enter that information for each transaction created from this template.
    • Journal. Select the appropriate journal or add one on the fly.
    • Reference. Enter the transaction reference.
    • Address. Select the appropriate address to use - Business, Home, or Other - for the selected vendor.
    • Amount. Enter the transaction amount.
    • Payment Term. Select the appropriate payment term or add one on the fly.
    • PO #. Enter the PO number.
    • Memo. Enter memo text.
  8. In the AP Account field, select the appropriate GL account or add one on the fly.
  9. In the Distributions tab, distribute the transaction to one or more GL accounts. For each distribution, select the GL account, enter an amount, and if applicable, select a 1099 item.
  10. In the Notes tab, enter any notes to include with transactions created from this template. If you enter any notes for this template, the application displays a Note icon in the corresponding Notes column in the Rapid tab.
  11. If this is a scheduled template, define the parameters of the schedule in the Schedule Details, Start Schedule, and End Schedules sections. See Payable Templates > Detail tab for detailed information on these fields.
  12. Click Enter to save the template.

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