Entering customer deposits

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  1. Before you can create customer deposit transactions, you first need to record the customer payments that you will be depositing.
  2. Choose Actions > Enter Deposits.
  3. (Required) In the Deposit Detail section, select the bank account into which the payments will be deposited, the journal in which to record the deposit, and the posting period.
  4. (Optional) Enter the deposit date, a description for the deposit transaction, and a receipt reference.
  5. If you will receive cash back from the deposit, select the applicable GL account, enter a memo, and enter the amount for the cash back portion.
  6. When you save this deposit transaction, Accounting CS creates an AR Deposit type transaction in the Enter Transactions screen. To have the application display the payment amounts and cash back amount separately for this deposit record, mark the Split out deposit details checkbox.
  7. In the Payments section, mark the checkbox for each customer payment that you want to include in the deposit.
  8. Click Enter to save the customer deposit transaction.

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