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After you set up invoice items, you can select the items to create customer invoices. In Accounting CS, you can enter customer invoices and credit memos in the Actions > Enter Invoices screen. This screen offers four ways to enter transactions.

  • In the Rapid tab, enter multiple invoices and credit memos in a grid view.
  • In the Detail tab, enter detailed, individual transactions or add details to individual transactions that were entered in the Rapid tab.
  • In either tab, select an On Demand invoice template to have the application recall information from the template record and enter it in the appropriate fields in the invoice transaction.
  • In either tab, when you press TAB (or ENTER, if you marked the Use Enter key to move between fields checkbox in the Setup > User Preferences dialog) in the Customer ID field, the application automatically enters the customer ID from the last saved transaction. If you do not want to use the customer from the last saved transaction, you can enter or select a new one.
  • If you set up any scheduled invoice templates and you marked the Prompt before creating transaction(s) checkbox in the Setup > Invoice Templates > Detail tab for those templates, the application will open the Create Scheduled Transactions from Templates dialog when you open the Enter Invoices screen and there are transactions scheduled to be created. Use that dialog to choose which invoices to create.

As you enter data in one tab, the application simultaneously adds that information to the other tab, so you can switch between tabs as you enter transactions.

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