Bank Feeds - Firm Bank Status portlet

Alerts and notices

Use the Firm Bank Status portlet to view all your clients’ financial accounts (checking accounts, savings accounts, other bank accounts, and credit card accounts) and the status of connectivity for each to Accounting CS. From here, you can initiate account linking for any account that is not already linked.

Open the Bank Feeds Dashboard and then click the view that contains the Firm Bank Status portlet.

Note: Additional fees may apply when you use Bank Feeds for a client. See the Bank Feeds overview article for details.

Fields & buttons

Click this button to update the information in the Accounts grid. The application displays the most up-to-date information, including new client/account rows, updated account statuses, etc.

This grid includes only the accounts for which a financial institution is selected in the Bank field on the Setup > Bank Accounts > Main tab, and a routing number is specified for that financial institution in the Setup > Firm Information > Banks screen.

  • Client ID/Name. Displays the name and ID of the client (as entered in the Setup > Clients > Main tab) associated with the bank account.
  • Bank Account. Displays the description of the bank account (as entered in the Setup > Bank Accounts screen).
  • Retrieved Balance/Last Retrieved. Displays the amount of the last balance retrieved from the financial institution and the date the balance was retrieved.
  • Status. Displays the link status of the account.
  • Link/Unlink Account. Click the Link Account button to initiate the process for linking the client's bank account to Accounting CS for Bank Feeds. The application opens the Bank Feeds - Link Account dialog, where you can specify the client email address where the application will send a registration email and the firm email address where the application will send the notification email after the client has registered and linked their bank account.

    If a bank account has already been linked for Bank Feeds, the label for the Link Account button changes to Unlink Account. If a situation arises where you need to unlink the client's account, click the Unlink Account button.

  • Refresh Account. To ensure that the client's bank feeds data is up-to-date and ready to be retrieved into Accounting CS, click this button.

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