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General information

Use the Integration tab of the Setup > Clients screen to specify the type of data to import or export for the selected client.

Data integration with QuickBooks

Exporting client payroll data

Prior to exporting client payroll transaction data, you can specify the export options in the Export Client Data Options dialog (accessed from this tab) or in the Client Options dialog (accessed from the File > Export Transactions screen). For each client selected in the Export Transactions screen, the application exports data in a file format (XML or IIF) that is compatible with the application to which it is being exported.

You can also use the Export Client Data Wizard to create a QBW file that can be used to transfer transactions and setup information to QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions that are currently supported by Intuit).

Fields & buttons

Select the application to which you will export data for this client.

Click the Ellipsis Ellipsis button button to open the Export Client Data Options dialog, where you can specify details to include in payroll journal entries and references to be used for payroll checks and various liabilities.

Select the application from which you will import data for this client.

If you select Quickbooks, you can click the Ellipsis Ellipsis button button to open the Import Client Data Options dialog, where you can specify additional options for importing payroll-related data.

Mark the Send W-2s to UltraTax CS checkbox to enable the W-2 export feature for the selected client, if applicable. For more information, see Exporting W-2 information to another application.

This section displays only for clients that are set up for Time Rack integration.

Time Rack GUID. This read-only field displays the client's Time Rack globally unique identifier, which is used to identify the client during integration with Time Rack.

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