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Use the Special Timing tab to set up special frequencies and dates for recurring payroll items to be used on payroll checks. Special timing can be used for garnishments, bonuses, or any recurring payroll item.

Note: On-demand payroll checks calculate all deductions and employer contributions for employees, regardless of special timing. For more information, see Creating on-demand payroll checks.

Fields & buttons

This section is available only from Special Timing tab of the Employee Payroll Item Settings dialog and only if the selected payroll item is a garnishment with more than one order. The fields in the Frequency and Date sections will affect the currently selected case identifier. To specify frequency and date options for another order, change the selection in this field and then update the Frequency and Date sections.

Choose one of the following frequencies for which the payroll item is to be calculated on payroll checks for this client.

Note: The frequency specified here as the default frequency for the client can be modified for individual employees on the Special Timing tab of the Employee Payroll Item Settings dialog.

  • All payrolls. The payroll item will calculate for all payrolls processed within the dates specified in the Dates section. This is the default setting.
  • Selected weeks. Mark the checkboxes for each week the payroll item should be calculated.
  • [select] payroll of the month. Select the payrolls of the month for which this payroll item should be calculated.
  • Based on. Choose whether to base the special timing frequency on the check date or the period end date for this client. This choice will apply to all employees of the client and cannot be modified at the employee level.

Select the appropriate dates for the special timing to begin and end. Specify the start and end date and whether to base the special timing dates on the check date or the period begin and end date.

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