Importing client data from OnBalance Express

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If you enable OnBalance Express for your client and they use the OnBalance Express application for bank feeds and to accept online payments, you can import that data (transactions, bank accounts, chart of accounts) into Accounting CS for processing.

  1. Choose File > Import > OnBalance.
  2. In the OnBalance Import dialog, select the client for whom you want to import data.
  3. Use the Import date range fields to specify the date range for which to import the client's data.
  4. Click the Retrieve Data button. Accounting CS retrieves the client's data from OnBalance Express and displays a message when the retrieval is complete.
  5. Click the Manage Data button to open the OnBalance Import - Manage Data dialog. On each tabbed page in the dialog, select the OnBalance Express items to import, and map them to the applicable Accounting CS items.

    Note: For every OnBalance Express item in the grid, you must map the item to an Accounting CS item, add the item as is, or choose not to import it.

  6. Click OK.

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