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You can enter an unlimited number of work locations for a client, but you can specify only one as the client's Primary location. The address information specified as the primary location displays in the Main tab of the Clients screen for the client and is used as the default work location for all new employees of the client.

  1. In the Main tab of the Setup > Clients screen, click the Locations button in the Addresses section to open the Client Locations dialog.
  2. In the Identification section, enter a unique description for the work location. If this is the primary location, mark the Primary location checkbox. If the state has assigned a reporting unit number for the work location, enter that number in the Reporting unit field. (See Adding reporting units for work locations)
  3. In the Addresses section, enter the address(es) for this location.


    • Use the Address verification feature (click the Location finder button button) to enter the city, state, and ZIP code.
    • You can enter up to three addresses by clicking the Selection Selection button button to select one of the options.
    • Specify an address as the mailing address by marking the Mailing address checkbox.
    • If this address is the one that should be used for taxing purposes for this work location, mark the Taxing address checkbox.
  4. In the Phone and fax numbers section, enter the phone and fax number information for the client.

    Note: You can enter multiple phone numbers for this location by clicking the Selection Selection button button.

  5. In the Email and web addresses section, enter the email address and website URL for this location, if appropriate.

    Note: Once information has been entered, clicking the Email Email button button will open your default email client with this address in the To: line and clicking the Website Website button button will automatically open the specified website using your default browser.

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