Setting up a graduated table for accruable benefit items

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Accruable benefits can accrue time by a fixed number of hours for all employees, or by a variable number of hours, based on employees' length of service. This topic explains how to set up a graduated table accrual method for accruable benefits.

  1. Choose Setup > Accruable Benefits. In the Accrual Information section, choose the Graduated option for Hourly allowance and then click the Table button.
  2. In the Accruable Benefit Item Settings dialog, select the length of service on which to base the graduated table by choosing the Days, Weeks, Months, or Years option.
  3. Define the first tier of the table. The From value defaults to zero (0), thus starting at 0 days, weeks, months, or years. Enter the appropriate To value and enter the allowance, available limit, annual limit, and carryover amount for this first tier.
  4. Tab down to the next tier and enter the To value for the second tier. The From value will autofill as the previous tier's To value plus one (+1). Enter the appropriate allowance, limits, and carryover amount for this tier.
  5. Continue entering information for each tier as appropriate.


  • When the accruable benefit is added to an employee, the application will look to the employee's hire date to determine which tier of the table should be used for the employee. If there is no hire date set up for the employee, the application will default the accruable benefit to the first tier.
  • When you use a graduated table for an accruable benefit item, the allowance, limits, and carryover maximum amounts cannot be overridden at the employee level.

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For this example, we will set up a graduated table for a vacation benefit using the following information.

Accruable benefit item: Vacation
Accrual method: Per month
Length of service: Years

Note: You can view explanations of the available accrual methods, allowances, and limits in the Main tab of the Accruable Benefits screen.

The following table displays the information to be used in the Allowance table grid.

Length of service (years)

Tier 1

0 to 3

Tier 2

4 to 6

Tier 3

7 to 15

Tier 4

16 to 99
Allowance 13.33 15.33 17.33 19.33
Available limit 80.00 100.00 160.00 180.00
Annual limit 160.00 184.00 208.00 232.00
Carryover maximum 80.00 80.00 80.00 80.00

Entered into the grid, that information looks like this.

Allowance table

Note: You can view explanations of the available accrual methods, allowances, and limits in the Main tab of the Accruable Benefits screen.

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