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Alerts and notices

Use the Accounts Payable tab to print unprinted AP checks that were created in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen or that were selected to pay payables via AP checks (non-handwritten) in the Actions > Manage Payments screen.

Choose File > Print Checks and click the Accounts Payable tab.

Fields & buttons

The Accounts Payable checks grid includes an expandable list of all clients with unprinted AP checks and items selected to print in the Actions > Manage Payments screen. Click the plus (+) sign to the left of a client name to expand the list to show individual checks. Mark the checkbox next to a client or vendor to select all checks for that client or vendor, or mark the checkbox next to individual checks that you want to print.


  • By default, the application uses the current date as the payment date. If you overrode the payment date or marked the Use due date as payment date checkbox in the Actions > Manage Payments screen, the application uses that date. In either case, you can override the date in this screen, if necessary.
  • Only the Sort Order and Payment Date fields can be modified.

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