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For live payroll processing only

Use the Payroll tab to print payroll checks that were created in either of the following screens.

Choose File > Print Checks and click the Payroll tab.

Fields & buttons

The Payroll checks grid contains an expandable list of all clients with unprinted payroll checks. Click the plus (+) sign to the left of the client name to expand the list to show each individual employee and payroll check. Mark the checkbox next to a client to select all checks for the client, or mark the checkbox next to each individual employee for whom you want to print checks.


  • To reduce the number of checks displayed in the grid, select a filter and method in the upper-left corner of the tab.
  • The only fields in the grid that can be modified are the Primary Sort, Secondary Sort, and Check Date fields.
  • You can change the sort orders of the checks in the grid. The sort orders default to the selections made in the Check Printing Defaults section of the Bank Accounts > Main tab or Impound Bank Accounts > Main tab.

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