Downloading and applying application updates

Alerts and notices

For a local or network installation only

Use CS Connect to download and apply any available updates for your application.

  1. Choose File > CS Connect.
  2. Click the Connect now option.
  3. Mark the Retrieve available updates checkbox.
  4. Click the Call Now button. CS Connect logs in to our network of secure data centers and downloads all available application updates.

    Note: CS Connect informs you of approximately how long the download will take, and you can choose whether or not to download the updates at that time. To cancel the call without downloading the updates, click the Cancel button.

  5. Click the Apply previously downloaded updates/licenses option.
  6. Click the Apply Now button to apply the updates.


  • CS Connect is not needed for users running the application via Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS). Application updates are applied automatically in those environments.
  • When Accounting CS is installed on a network drive in your office, you only need to install the application on one computer. If you installed the shared files on a network, you must also run the desktop setup on each workstation. The desktop setup ensures that each workstation meets the minimum operation system requirements and confirms that all required components are installed.
  • If CS Connect encounters a problem while applying updates, the updates are not applied and the application remains at the most recent successful update version. In this case, all subsequent updates for the application are temporarily skipped, and updating proceeds for the next application.
  • At the end of a CS Connect call, you will be prompted to apply any downloaded updates that have not been applied, even if updates were not downloaded during that particular call.
  • If CS Connect receives a busy signal or no answer when attempting to connect to our secure data centers, it will make a total of nine repeated attempts to reconnect over a one-hour period.
  • You can sign up to receive email alerts about CS Professional Suite application updates. For more information, visit the Email Subscriptions page of our website. (Note that you must create a web account to sign up for email subscriptions.)

Remember that while the Connection Status dialog is displayed, your computer is still connected to the servers at our network of secure data centers. CS Connect automatically logs off from those servers and disconnects the call after it finishes downloading updates, or you can click the Cancel Call button at any time to manually disconnect the call. If you accidentally disconnect the call while downloading updates, CS Connect will not allow you to apply updates to your computer. You will need to open CS Connect later to download the remaining updates.

If you are working in a Terminal Server environment, be sure to download and apply all connect updates in install mode at the terminal server. For details, see Terminal Server Best Practices for CS Professional Suite applications.

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