Placing a call to our network of secure data centers

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For a local or network installation only

Complete the following steps to place an immediate call to our network of secure data centers via CS Connect.

  1. Choose File > CS Connect.
  2. Click the Connect now option.
  3. Click the Call Now button.
  4. After CS Connect logs in to our secure data centers, the Connection Status dialog indicates approximately how long it will take to download any available updates.
  5. You can download the updates or disconnect without downloading (by clicking the Cancel button). If you do not make a selection in ten seconds, CS Connect automatically begins downloading.

If CS Connect receives a busy signal or no answer when attempting to connect to our secure data centers, it will make a total of nine repeated attempts to reconnect over a one-hour period.

Remember that while the Connection Status dialog is displayed, your computer is still connected to the servers at our network of secure data centers. CS Connect automatically logs off from those servers and disconnects the call after it finishes downloading updates, or you may click the Cancel Call button at any time to manually disconnect the call. If you accidentally disconnect the call while downloading updates, CS Connect will not allow you to apply updates to your computer. You will need to use CS Connect later to download the remaining updates.

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