Adding accruable benefits to an employee record

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You can activate accruable benefits for individual employee using the Accruable Benefits tab of the Employees screen. The information in the grid defaults to any values set up in the Setup > Accruable Benefits screen.

To add and/or modify benefits for an employee, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > Employees and click the Accruable Benefits tab.
  2. In the accruable benefits grid, mark the Active checkboxes for the accruable benefits that apply to this employee. The grid is populated using information added in the Setup > Accruable Benefits screen for the client.
  3. For live payroll processing only. Modify information within the grid to tailor it to this employee's needs, if necessary.

    Note: If the accruable benefit is set up to use a graduated table, you can only modify the Beginning Balance and Adjustment fields for that accruable benefit at the employee level.

  4. For live payroll processing only. Click the Ellipsis buttons to open the Employee Accruable Benefit Item Settings dialog, where you can set up additional options for the accruable benefit item (depending on the item).
  5. To view the employee's accruable balance amounts, click the View Balances button to open the Accruable Benefit Balances dialog.

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