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Use the Finalized tab to view and reprint billing invoices that have been printed or that were saved as a final invoice when they were created. You can also use this tab to revert invoices to the unprinted state so that you can make adjustments or corrections to the invoices or delete them and to export finalized invoices to Practice CS.

Choose File > Print Billing Invoices and then click the Finalized tab.

Fields & buttons

To filter the list of invoices included in the grid, select a filter from the drop-down list. Additional filter criteria fields become available to help you filter the list of invoices.

To reprint the invoice using a different layout than the one originally selected for the invoice, select the new layout from the drop-down list.

This grid includes all invoices that have been printed or saved as final invoices, except for those that are filtered from the list.

  • To reprint a printed or finalized invoice, mark the checkbox for that item and click the Print Selected button.
  • To revert an invoice to the unprinted state, mark the checkbox for that item and click the Revert button.

    Note: You can revert only those invoices that are linked to unpaid liabilities. If the invoice is linked to an unpaid liability, the Payment Date column is blank and you can revert the invoice. If the invoice is linked to a paid liability, the date of payment is listed in the Payment Date column, and you cannot revert the invoice.

  • To export an invoice to Practice CS, mark the checkbox for that item and click the Export to Practice CS button. Practice CS will then retrieve those invoices, and you can select which invoices to keep.

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