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Use this tab to enter identification and contact information for the client staff, and to set up NetClient CS access information for staff of the client company.

Choose Setup > Firm Information > Client Staff. The Main tab displays by default.

Fields & buttons

Enter the ID, EIN or SSN, name, and title of the staff member. You can add a staff photo by clicking the picture icon and browsing to the picture, which can be in .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .ICO, .EMF, or .WMF format.

If the staff member is no longer an active employee, you can change the status of that staff by marking the Inactive checkbox. That staff member will no longer be available for selection in any of the staff assignment drop-down lists throughout the application.

In the Addresses section, enter the staff member's address. Use the Address verification feature (click the Address Verification Location button button) to enter the city, state, and ZIP code.

Note: You can enter up to three addresses - Business, Home, or Other - by clicking the Selection Selection button button to select one of the options. Specify an address as the mailing address by marking the Mailing address checkbox.

In the Phone and fax numbers section, enter the phone and fax number information for the staff member. You can enter multiple contact phone numbers by clicking the Selection Selection button button.

In the Email and web addresses section, enter the individual's email address and (if applicable) website URL.


  • An email address is required for a client staff to initialize their portal in NetClient CS. Enter the email address to use when sending the initial Welcome message.
  • Once information has been entered, clicking the Email Email button button opens your default email client with this address in the TO line, and clicking the Website Website button button automatically opens the specified website using your default browser.
  • Account. Displays the client's NetClient CS login ID. To associate the client staff to an existing NetClient CS account, click the Ellipsis button next to the Account field. In the NetClient User Account dialog, mark the appropriate checkbox and then click OK.
  • Profile. To specify the NetClient CS data location profile for the client staff, select it from the drop-down list.

    To view the account and client staff that are associated with the selected profile, click the Ellipsis button next to the Profile field.
  • ($) Enable FileCabinet CS. To provide the selected client staff with access to FileCabinet CS in the NetClient CS portal, mark this checkbox. (A monthly fee applies.)
  • ($) Enable Microsoft Office. To provide the selected client staff with access to Microsoft Office application such as, Word 2010, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and Excel 2010 in the NetClient CS portal, mark this checkbox. (A monthly fee applies.)
  • Resend Registration Email. If you need to resend the account activation email message to your client (for example, if the message is placed in the SPAM folder, or the client accidentally deletes the message), you can click the Resend Registration Email button to have NetClient CS resend the email to the client.

    Note: After a NetClient CS portal is created, the Resend Registration Email button becomes unavailable. If the client staff member forgets the password, there is a Forgot password? link on the login page to retrieve the password.

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