Accounting CS: The differences between Accounting CS Client Access and the remote payroll feature

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Accounting CS offers a variety of ways for your clients to enter their own accounting and payroll information to reduce the time spent by your entering data. This topic explains the basic differences between the remote payroll feature and Accounting CS Client Access, and  clarifies the general functions of the remote check printing feature and Employee Self-Service. For information about adding any of these services, contact your CS Sales Representative.

Be sure to perform a thorough analysis of each of your clients’ needs to determine which option is most appropriate and cost efficient for both your firm and your clients.

Accounting CS Client Access

With Accounting CS Client Access, you can offer your clients controlled, 24/7 access to the client version of Accounting CS from secure, password-protected NetClient CS portals on your website. Portals are fully customizable for each client and they enable the client to record day-to-day accounting and payroll information. There is no need for the import or export of data, because your client's data entry is saved directly to your firm’s database. 

Accounting CS Client Access is generally a good choice for larger firms that have a knowledgeable payroll staff in-house and require more advanced payroll features, such as real-time reporting (including a Cash Requirement report), and real-time payroll amount calculations.

Note: Accounting CS can be hosted either through Thomson Reuters servers (using either Virtual Office CS® or Software as a Service) or through your firm's own hosted environment. Your clients’ experience using Accounting CS Client Access will be the same regardless of your hosting choice.

License requirements

Accounting CS Client Access is available to firms that are licensed for:

Client capabilities

Firms are able to offer clients direct access to:

For more details see Accounting CS Client Access features available for client use.

Once a client has been set up with a Client Access CS portal, they can launch Accounting CS Client Access from their NetClient CS dashboard.

Client Access Dashboard

And to help you customize the client's access, we offer the Accounting CS (Client View) application on your dashboard. This launches Accounting CS with the same permissions as the client.

Accounting CS Clieht View

Remote payroll feature

Unlike Client Access, the Remote Payroll feature does not enable clients to input data directly into Accounting CS. Rather, your firm and your clients use the NetClient CS portals and/or the Employee Self-Service portals, which enable two-way integration with Accounting CS. 

The Remote Payroll feature is a good choice for most firms. It incurs a lower cost for your firm and clients than integration via Accounting CS Client Access, which is most appropriate for more advanced payroll needs, as explained in the Accounting CS Client Access section.

If your clients are already set up to use Accounting CS Client Access for payroll processing and check printing, you do not need to use the Remote Payroll Feature.

License requirements

The Remote Payroll feature is available to firms that are licensed for:

Firm capabilities

With the remote payroll feature, your firm can send the following items to the NetClient CS portals and Employee Self-Service portals.

Client capabilities

Via the NetClient CS portals, firms can offer clients the ability to accomplish the following tasks.

For more information about remote payroll or the NetClient CS personal client portal service, contact your CS Sales Representative.

Remote check printing feature

The Remote check printing feature is available to firms that are licensed for:

Once you have prepared payroll and vendor checks for a client, the remote check printing feature enables you to transmit PDF copies of those checks to the client's NetClient CS portal for your client to print.

Note: If your client is set up to use Accounting CS Client Access, you do not need to use the remote check printing feature. Your client can print payroll and vendor checks directly from  Accounting CS Client Access.

Employee Self-Service

With Employee Self-Service, your firm can upload W-4 information, check stubs, W-2 forms, 1095-C forms, and (for independent contractors) 1099-MISC forms to an employee portal. Your client's employees can then log in to view, edit, and print their information.

Employee Self-Service is available to firms that are licensed for:

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