Accounting CS: Common conversion diagnostic messages

Alerts and notices

Conversion diagnostics are displayed when CSA information does not transfer to Accounting CS for various reasons. These diagnostics can be prevented in many cases by completing the appropriate pre-conversion steps, such as running the Accounting CS Conversion Report and running the Repair Case of Descriptions utility.

Note: The application displays a conversion import diagnostic report when the CSA to ACS conversion completes. Once this window is closed, it cannot be reopened with Accounting CS. However, a copy can be found on your local computer:

Browse to:  C:\Users\"user name"\AppData\Local\Creative Solutions\Accounting CS

  • The name of the file will be similar to: ImportFromCSA_20160602113424.txt or ImportFromCSA_YYYYMMDD######.txt
  • The first 8 numeric characters will be the date of the conversion in YYYYMMDD format. The last 6 characters are the time the conversion was completed in HHMMSS format.
  • If you are working in the Virtual Office or Saas environment, you can contact the Support Department to get a copy of the conversion diagnostics report.

Here are some common conversion diagnostics and how to resolve them.

It is important that both Accounting CS and CSA are updated to the most recent versions.

See also: Transitioning from CSA to Accounting CS services

Address-related diagnostics

During the conversion process, Accounting CS reads and attempts to verify all employee and client addresses. If the Client and Employee Address Mapping screen is skipped during conversion or the address could not be verified, you may see one of the following diagnostics and encounter errors when processing payroll in Accounting CS.

CSA to Accounting CS Conversion address mapping screen

See also: Entering historical payroll data

Earnings not converted

Diagnostics related to earnings are displayed when a pay, deduction, or withholding item is found in the global CSA database, but is not found on the employee. For earnings to convert, you will need to add the withholding item to the employee in CSA and re-convert the client.

Alternatively, the employee may need to be added to a new or different location during the conversion; or the address was not verified correctly on the Client and Employee Address Mapping screen.

Payroll item diagnostics

These diagnostics are typically FYI (for your information) diagnostics that can be resolved in Accounting CS after conversion. To prevent these diagnostics, use the Accounting CS Conversion Report in the Utilities menu prior to conversion.

Accounting diagnostics

Typically, these diagnostics are avoided by completing the pre-conversion steps in the conversion walkthrough topic.

Internal notes

Less common diagnostics (such as those that say "contact Support"): See IT 382252 / TFS 812258

  • The Accounting CS Conversion report may say "Employee specific information could not be matched to an existing employee. Please contact Support for further assistance." In this case, you will need to get the CSA client data and open the "employee" table in Access. Look for Employee SysID 0 and delete those records from the table. Send the CSA client back to the firm and the conversion should go through successfully. If you are not comfortable with or do not have access to the underlying tables, contact the CF.
  • See also: Internal: Fixing duplicate vendor names in CSA data

Dynamic SQL diagnostics: If you have a diagnostic that looks like "*** <dynamic SQL>, line X, errno XXX: [message here]" search in TFS for the resolution. You'll see the most success if you search "errno XXX" in TFS to see all of the relevant instances of the diagnostic.

Address-related diagnostics: During conversion (at the very end, when it is actually converting data and not mapping data), Accounting CS checks the addresses against the database that Symmetry maintains. If Symmetry does not find the address information, that is when a diagnostic will be displayed.