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The licensee of your firm should receive an email when there is an update available for Accounting CS. You should also see a pop-up notification stating that there is an update available when you launch Accounting CS the first time after the update is made available. In some situations, when you try to retrieve the update, CS Connect may give a notification that says "No new updates are available." Use the following steps to bypass this message and retrieve application updates.

Run the application as an administrator

  1. Close Accounting CS on your machine.
  2. Right-click on the Accounting CS icon and choose Properties.
  3. On the Compatibility tab, mark the Run this program as an administrator checkbox.
  4. Click Apply and OK.
  5. Launch Accounting CS and then choose File > CS Connect.
  6. Mark the Retrieve available updates checkbox and click Call Now.

Retrieve licenses

The first quarter update of the year (after March 1st) requires that you have renewed licenses before you can retrieve the update.

  1. Choose File > CS Connect.
  2. Clear the Retrieve available updates checkbox and mark the Retrieve licenses checkbox.
  3. Click Call Now and then follow the dialogs to retrieve and install your updated licenses.
  4. After Accounting CS opens again, choose Help > About and verify that the Expires column has dates in the next year.
  5. Close the About dialog and choose File > CS Connect.
  6. Mark the Retrieve available updates checkbox and click Call Now.

Note: If you did not renew one or more Accounting CS licenses, use these steps to remove the expired license file.

  1. Close Accounting CS.
  2. Browse to X:\WinCSI\Licenses
  3. Locate any files that begin with the letter A and rename them to contain "old".
  4. Open Accounting CS. The application will display messages about no licenses being found. Click OK to bypass them.
  5. Log into the application as you normally would.
  6. Choose File > CS Connect and follow the steps in this section above to retrieve your license files again.

Remove trial licenses

In some situations, trial licenses may interfere with the update retrieval process. 

  1. Choose Help > About.
  2. In the Type column, note which Products have a Trial type.
  3. Click the Trial Licenses button, and clear the checkboxes for any products listed as having a Trial license type.
  4. Close the open dialogs and choose File > CS Connect.
  5. Mark the Retrieve available updates checkbox and click Call Now. Note that you may need to retrieve your licenses alone before you can retrieve the updates (see above).

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Internal notes

If you have trouble getting the licenses to update:

  • Regenerate the ACS licenses in EMS.
  • Email a license disk to the licensee and have them paste the license files into the WinCSI\Licenses folder.

The Onvio license for integration with Onvio Documents is named ONACSNAME.DAT. Most firms shouldn't have this license, but keep in mind if walking someone through removing all of the licenses to find the expired one that this might be a culprit.

For a list of ACS and WPCS license names, see Internal: Accounting CS: License file names and functionality.

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