Versions of QuickBooks that can be imported into Accounting CS

Alerts and notices

As a general rule, the current and two prior years of QuickBooks are supported for integration with Accounting CS. The following versions of QuickBooks are currently supported:

This includes the following editions of QuickBooks:

QuickBooks version 2009 and prior are not compatible with Windows 7 and may cause issues if you attempt to import QuickBooks data into Accounting CS. For details on discontinued dates for other QuickBooks products, see QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation.

Please review the following QuickBooks Help topic if installing multiple versions: Install multiple QuickBooks Desktop versions on one computer.


  • Beginning with version 2016.1.0, integration with QuickBooks Online is available in Accounting CS. See Importing client data from QuickBooks Online for more information.
  • You must have QuickBooks and Accounting CS installed in the same location to import client data directly. If you are working in Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS), or your client has QuickBooks installed in their office, you must use the QuickBooks Data Utility to import QuickBooks data into Accounting CS.
  • The Industry Standard editions of QuickBooks, such as Construction and/or Non Profit, have not been tested and are not supported for import into Accounting CS.
  • Only the .QBW file can be imported and should be used as the working copy. The .QBB file or the .QBA files must be converted to a .QBW prior to import.
  • To verify the version of QuickBooks that you have installed, choose the Help > About menu command in QuickBooks.

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