Versions of QuickBooks that can be imported into Accounting CS

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As a general rule, the current and two prior years of QuickBooks are supported for integration with Accounting CS. The following versions of QuickBooks are currently supported:

This includes the following editions of QuickBooks:

QuickBooks version 2009 and prior are not compatible with Windows 7 and may cause issues if you attempt to import QuickBooks data into Accounting CS. For details, see

Please review the following QuickBooks Help topic if installing multiple versions: Install multiple QuickBooks Desktop versions on one computer


  • Beginning with version 2016.1.0, integration with QuickBooks Online is available in Accounting CS. See Importing client data from QuickBooks Online for more information.
  • You must have QuickBooks and Accounting CS installed in the same location to import client data directly. If you are working in Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS), or your client has QuickBooks installed in their office, you must use the QuickBooks Data Utility to import QuickBooks data into Accounting CS.
  • The Industry Standard editions of QuickBooks, such as Construction and/or Non Profit, have not been tested and are not supported for import into Accounting CS.
  • Only the .QBW file can be imported and should be used as the working copy. The .QBB file or the .QBA files must be converted to a .QBW prior to import.
  • To verify the version of QuickBooks that you have installed, choose the Help > About menu command in QuickBooks.

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