Exporting general ledger entries from Practice CS to CS Professional Suite (CSA) or Accounting CS

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Practice CS includes a feature that enables you to export journal entries that record accounting activity and import them into the CS Professional Suite General Ledger module.

General Information

Journal Entry Export Setup

  1. Assign GL account numbers for your revenue accounts, as follows (pick the section appropriate for the revenue method you chose as described above):
    • If you will be exporting revenue amounts based on the WIP's engagement, you need to specify GL account numbers on each engagment assigned to all existing clients. This is done in the Setup / Clients / Engagements tab. Note that each client may have multiple engagements, and if this is the situation, it must be done on every engagement. In that instance, you may want to use the Edit Multiple Clients link at the bottom of the Main tab to change the engagement information for a group of clients simultaneously.

      Note: You should also update your engagement templates in Setup / Templates / Engagements so that the GL account is assigned automatically to any new client engagements from this point forward.

    • If you will be exporting revenue amounts based on the WIP's activity, you need to specify GL account numbers on each activity. This is done in the Setup / Activities screen.
    • If you will be exporting revenue amounts in a summarized fashion, you will need to specify a GL account number in the journal entry options screen. Go to the File / Export / Journal Entries screen, and click on the Options button. Change Base billed Time & Expenses on to "summarize" and specify a GL account. Do the same for the Base net Progress Bills on field.
  2. Add GL account numbers to your taxing authorities if you use sales or service tax within the program. Go to Setup / Taxes / Taxing Authorities and specify a GL account for each tax jurisdiction.
  3. Go to File / Export / Journal Entries and click the Options button.
  4. Choose a basis for the journal entry, either Accrual or Cash. For specific detail regarding how the journal entries are created under each accounting basis, see Practice CS: General ledger journal entry export definitions.
  5. Specify the revenue method you chose (as described above) for both "regular" and progress bills in the Base billed Time & Expenses on and Base net Progress Bills on fields.
  6. In the Base Taxes on field, specify whether the program should retrieve GL account numbers from the taxing authorities assigned in Step #2, or summarize all taxes into a single GL entry. If you choose the Summarize option, then you must also specify the GL account number to use in the journal entry.
  7. The GL Account Assignments section of the screen is used to specify GL account numbers that are not retrieved from elsewhere in the program. The fields available will change depending on whether the journal entry is being made on an accrual vs. a cash basis. Each available field should be filled with the proper GL account number. For further information about what happens within Practice CS to cause amounts to flow to the account assignments listed, see Practice CS: General ledger journal entry export definitions.
  8. In CSA, specify the file location of the Practice CS integration files. Go to the Setup / User Preferences / File Locations screen. Verify that the Practice CS data path location correctly points to the "Shared Files" location used during Step #1 of the initial Practice CS installation. Unless your firm uses a custom path, this will typically be \WinCSI\Practice CS Data on your shared network drive (or local C: drive in a non-network installation).

Journal Entry Export Process - CS Professional Suite (CSA)

  1. In Practice CS, go to the File / Export / Journal Entries screen.
  2. In the Export entries for field, specify a period or date range. The amounts shown on the screen will cover the activity represented in the time period chosen.
  3. Click Export.
  4. In CSA, import the journal entry using the Utilities / Import Practice Journal Entries menu.


    • Transactions are posted to the GL period which corresponds to the Practice CS current period beginning month, and will post only to the latest GL year to which the client has ever been moved in CSA, regardless of the actual date on the transactions. For example: your current period in Practice CS runs from March 1 - March 31st, and in Step #2 above you specified a date range of February 1 - February 28th. Although the JE amounts will cover 2/1-2/28, the period that they would post into would be March, because the current period beginning date in Practice CS is in March.
    • A valid General Ledger license must be installed on the CS Professional Suite to import journal entries from Practice CS.

Journal Entry Import Process - Accounting CS

If you will be importing journal entries into the Accounting CS program, see Accounting CS: Importing journal entries from Practice CS

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