Exporting IIF file to QuickBooks results in duplicate accounts

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Question: My client has a QuickBooks chart of accounts set up with subaccounts. When I import the chart of accounts IIF file into QuickBooks, I'm seeing the subaccounts duplicated. How can I prevent this from happening?


The issue can occur if the account description used in the Accounting CS Chart of Accounts does not match the naming guidelines required for QuickBooks integration. In the Accounting CS Chart of Accounts, any account that corresponds to a QuickBooks subaccount must match specific naming guidelines for the account description, as shown in the example below.

Notice how the QuickBooks parent account converts into Accounting CS with the exact same description used within QuickBooks. In contrast, both the QuickBooks parent account's description AND subaccount's description are used on the corresponding Accounting CS account. If the naming guidelines are not followed exactly, the import into QuickBooks may result in duplicate accounts or subaccounts being added as new (parent) accounts.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps below, using the information in the table above as a guideline if needed:

  1. Within the QuickBooks client data, verify the description of the parent account and subaccount. Be sure to confirm the exact account descriptions, as we will need to enter these into the Accounting CS Chart of Accounts. Once you have found the parent account and subaccount within QuickBooks, proceed to step 2.
  2. In the Accounting CS client data, browse to Setup > Chart of Accounts
  3. Select the Accounting CS Account that corresponds to the QuickBooks subaccount by left-clicking on it in the account list
  4. Left-click the Edit button in the bottom left; this will allow you to modify the Accounting CS account description
  5. Modify the Accounting CS account description so that it matches the format displayed above: the ACS account description needs to match this format exactly: <QuickBooks Parent Account Description>:<QuickBooks Subaccount Description>. Do not enter any spaces before or after the colon.
  6. Left-click the Enter button in the bottom right to save your changes.

Once these changes have been completed, you can re-export your payroll journal entries or reconciliation adjustments through the File > Export > Transactions screen. See Exporting transactions to QuickBooks.

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