No data displays in the Process Internet/Magnetic Files screen

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In Accounting CS, there are a few situations in which the Actions > Process Internet/Magnetic Files screen might contain no data, or be missing data for the client for whom you are processing payroll tax forms.

No payroll tax forms have been processed

No client payroll tax forms have been processed yet in the Actions > Process Payroll Tax Forms screen.

The Filing copy checkbox not been marked

The application queues the electronic or internet/magnetic files for payroll tax forms only if the Filing copy checkbox is marked for a selected output method in the Print dialog (accessed via the Actions > Process Payroll Tax Forms screen or the Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms screen).  

Files are separated by staff

The Separate internet/magnetic files by staff option is marked on the Preferences tab on the Setup > Firm Information > Firm screen. If this is marked, you will see only the clients for whom you have processed payroll tax forms.

Note: When a staff person marks the checkbox (from an unmarked state), the application transfers any queued clients to his/her staff ID, and only that staff person will be able to create the Internet files for those clients.

Access to a particular client is restricted

There is a client queued for Internet/Magnetic filing for which you do not have to staff access to view.

Note: Your administrator granted access to the client within the Staff Access tab of Setup > Clients.

In this instance, you will not see any clients listed on this screen for a specific filing jurisdiction or form. Once a staff member with access to view the queued client creates a file for that client, the other files will be displayed.

Your administrator can change Firm preferences to display only the files you create and allow other staff to view only the files they create. Go to the Preferences tab of Setup > Firm Information > Firm. Within the Payroll Tax Forms section select Separate internet/magnetic files by staff to assign all future internet or magnetic files to the staff ID of the staff member who creates them.

You are re-processing files

The internet file has already been created for one or more of the clients you have selected in the Process Payroll Tax Forms screen. In this scenario, where you are re-processing one or more clients, the application appends the existing file and appears only in the Manage Files dialog, which is accessed from the Process Internet/Magnetic Files screen. To create a new file for a specific set of clients, mark the checkbox for the file in the Manage Files dialog, click the Remove Selected button, and then re-process those clients.

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