Performing your firm’s payroll in Accounting CS

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Accounting CS licenses for accounting only firms include features for accounting, accounts payable and accounts receivable processing, after-the-fact-payroll processing, customizable reporting, and complete financial statements.  Uniquely to this license is the ability for the Client id Firm to process live payroll with some limitations.

Features unavailable in Firm Client Features included in Firm Client

Enter Batch Payroll Checks screen features will be unavailable.

Expedite payroll entry in the Enter Transaction screen

Impound Setup, Funding, and Processing

Select, preview, print and reprint employee checks

Manage NetClient CS or Employee Self Service

Print Payroll reports

Process Positive Pay

Process Direct Deposit

Workers Compensation for Client Benefits and payroll item setup, including InsurePay or XactPAY processing

Process EFTPS

Editing Employee Shortfall Balances and Adjust Taxable Wages

Process Payroll Tax Forms

Payroll item setup with special timing

Process Electronic Forms

Process Internet/Magnetic Files

Accounting CS is aimed to help the majority of accounting firms doing their own payroll. Non-Accounting firms and small businesses have been successful using the software internally.  If the payroll needs are beyond basic, it is recommended that Accounting CS Payroll is purchased as well. 

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Internal notes

The firm client includes ability to enable live payroll service without impacting the payroll count (payroll seats) and is available when live payroll service is not owned. 

Also see:  Internal: Accounting CS: Accounting CS Payroll License Model

Issue Tracker 468855 notes: The accounting only license allows the client ID "FIRM" to print payroll checks; however, the Enter Batch Payroll Checks Action is unavailable.  This would mean the Default Time Entry Method of Import should not be available for the Client id "FIRM".

The Firm Client is designed to allow the accountant to do their own payroll without purchasing the payroll service.  It is not recommended to to a clients payroll in the firm Client.  Areas that flow through the firm client are such things as impound bank accounts, billing, and firm vendors.

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