Resending a Web Employee (CSA) or Employee Self-Service (ACS) activation email

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Web Employee in Creative Solutions Accounting, or Employee Self Service in Accounting CS was set up for a payroll client, but an employee deleted the activation email and it needs to be resent.

Creative Solutions Accounting:

Using NetStaff CS Administration, resetting the password for the employee will automatically resend the activation email to the employee:

  1. Log in with your NetStaff CS administrator account or with an account that has administrative rights.
  2. Click the Admin button.
  3. Click the Users under Web Employee.
  4. Choose the proper client from the Client dropdown menu.
  5. Select the appropriate employee, enter a new password, and click Enter.

Accounting CS:

  1. In Accounting CS, click on Setup > Employees.
  2. Highlight the employee and click Edit.
  3. Click the Personal tab.
  4. Click the Send Registration Email button.

This information is uploaded when any of the following occur:

Note: If an employee was successfully registered, this button is not enabled For more information see Accounting CS: Employee Self-Service overview.

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