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Accounting CS, Practice CS, and Workpapers CS provide a feature to set up scheduled backups that will automatically create a backup of your database at a specified time each week or each day.

For information on how to set up a scheduled backup see Scheduling a backup of your data.

You may see an error message when scheduling a recurring backup in the application. It may say "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". To resolve this error message, run the application as an administrator first.

There may be situations where you have successfully set up a scheduled backup but it is not running as expected.

Our applications create scheduled backups by adding a scheduled task to the Windows Task Scheduler. The backup is not performed by the CS Professional Suite itself. Therefore, if the backup is not being created as scheduled, you will need to check the task in the Task Scheduler as well as a few other items.

  1. Check that the test backup and the batch file used to run the backup operation are in the folder you specified when you set up the scheduled backup.

    Notes: This folder is on the server where your database resides.

    We are using Practice CS for our example. If you are working with Accounting CS, replace "PCS" with "ACS". If you are working with the Workpapers CS standalone, replace "PCS" with "WPCS".

    If the files are there, then the required files are in the backup folder and the first backup ran successfully.

    If the files are not there, then it is likely there is a permissions problem with the ID and Password entered on the Scheduled Backup setup screen.

  2. Check that the backup task was created in the Windows Task Scheduler.

    To open the Windows Task Scheduler, on the server, choose Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler. Expand the Active Tasks section and verify that the task has been added to the Task Scheduler. The task name will begin with PCSBackup.

    If the task is not found in the Active Tasks, then it was not added to the Task Scheduler. Try the following:

    • Set up the scheduled backup again in the application while sitting at the server. If it is added now, then there is a permissions issue with the ID and password you are using in the scheduled backup setup that does not allow adding schedule items remotely.
  3. Again, in the Task Scheduler, Expand the Task Status section and search for the task name that begins with PCSBackup. Click the plus button in front of the task to view the result of the last time the task ran.

    Check the Run Result and the last date and time the task ran.
    • If the Run Result is Success but the last run date is in the past, then the backup task ran successfully at one time but has since stopped. Delete the task from the Task Scheduler Library and set up again in the application (see below).
    • Run the task manually from the Task Scheduler Library. If it runs successfully but not automatically as scheduled, it is likely there is an issue with the Task Scheduler itself. Contact your IT representative or Microsoft Technical Support for assistance in diagnosing the problem with the Task Scheduler.

To open the Task Scheduler Library, click on Task Scheduler Library in the left panel of the Task Scheduler, click on the PCSBackup task and available actions are in the right panel.

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