Setting up remote payroll for the employee

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Each employee should have at least one payroll schedule selected, and it must be a schedule set up to use the Import method and have Remote payroll entry as the source. Only employees with valid payroll schedules will be included when the remote payroll information is uploaded to the client's portal.

  1. Choose Setup > Employees and click the Main tab (if it is not currently open).
  2. In the Payroll Schedules section, select the appropriate payroll schedule.

There are a few things which will prevent an employee from being included in a remote payroll timesheet:

Only one timesheet can be on the client's portal at a time. If your client has multiple payroll schedules that use remote time entry, only the most recently uploaded timesheet will be available.

Enable auto pay distribution by %, located in the Main tab of Setup > Employees, is unavailable in Remote Payroll. Your client can distribute the hours and/or amounts appropriately between locations or departments through Remote Payroll Data Entry.

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