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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Service Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
03/21/19 Accounting Bank Reconciliation 2019.1.0 Verified 03/21/19 TBD Certain staff receive an error when going into bank reconciliation

Currently, when entering the bank reconciliation you could receive an error that states:


Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Stack Trace:

at System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, Boolean constructor)

at System.Reflection.RuntimeConstructorInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture)

at System.Reflection.MethodBase.Invoke(Object obj, Object[] parameters)

at Microsoft.Practices.ObjectBuilder.BuilderBase`1.InvokeConstructor(IBuilderContext context, Type typeToBuild, Object existing)

at Microsoft.Practices.ObjectBuilder.BuilderBase`1.CreateItem(IBuilderContext context, Type typeToBuild, Object instance, String idToBuild)

at Infragistics.Practices.CompositeUI.WinForms.CompositeUIWinFormsBuilder.DoBuildUp(IBuilderContext context, Type typeToBuild, Object instance, String idToBuild, IEventDirector eventDirector)

at Microsoft.Practices.ObjectBuilder.BuilderBase`1.BuildUp(IReadWriteLocator locator, Type typeToBuild, String idToBuild, Object existing, IEventDirector eventDirector, PolicyList[] transientPolicies)

at Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.Collections.ManagedObjectCollection`1.AddNew(Type typeToBuild, String id, IEventDirector eventDirector)

at Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.Collections.ManagedObjectCollection`1.AddNew[TTypeToBuild](String id, IEventDirector eventDirector)

at CreativeSolutions.Common.Controls.CommonShell.CommonWorkItemBase.CreatePresenter[TPresenter](String presenterKey, IEventDirector eventDirector)

at CreativeSolutions.Common.Controls.SetupView.SetupViewWorkItemBase.ScreenAddPresenter[TView,TPresenter](AddToViewParms parms, TView view)

at CreativeSolutions.Common.Controls.SetupView.SetupViewWorkItemBase.AddToView[TModel,TView,TPresenter](AddToViewParms parms)

at CS.Accounting.UI.GL.BankReconciliation.BankReconciliationWorkItem.DefineView()

at CreativeSolutions.Common.Controls.SetupView.SetupViewWorkItem`2.OnRunStarted()

at CS.Accounting.UI.AcsSetupViewWorkItemBase`1.OnRunStarted()

at CS.Accounting.UI.GL.BankReconciliation.BankReconciliationWorkItem.OnRunStarted()

at CreativeSolutions.Common.Controls.CommonShell.MainMenuController.CreateOrActivateWorkItem(Type workItemType, WorkItem workItemInstance, WorkItem parentWorkItem, Boolean saveIfPossible, Nullable`1 excludeFromWorkItemManagement)

at CreativeSolutions.Common.Controls.CommonShell.MainMenuController.CreateOrActivateWorkItem[TWorkItem](TWorkItem workItem, WorkItem parentWorkItem, Boolean saveIfPossible)

at CreativeSolutions.Common.Controls.CommonShell.MainMenuController.CreateWorkItem[TWorkItem]()

at CS.Accounting.UI.GL.BankReconciliation.BankReconciliationModuleInit.OnBankReconciliation(Object sender, EventArgs arguments)

at Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.Commands.Command.OnExecuteAction(Object sender, EventArgs e)

at Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.Commands.CommandAdapter.FireCommand()

at Infragistics.Practices.CompositeUI.WinForms.Commands.ExplorerBarCommandAdapter.OnEventInvoked(Object sender, EventArgs e)

at Infragistics.Win.UltraWinExplorerBar.ItemClickEventHandler.Invoke(Object sender, ItemEventArgs e)

at Infragistics.Win.UltraWinExplorerBar.UltraExplorerBar.OnItemClick(ItemEventArgs e)

at Infragistics.Win.UltraWinExplorerBar.UltraExplorerBar.FireEvent(UltraExplorerBarEventIds id, EventArgs e)

at Infragistics.Win.UltraWinExplorerBar.UltraExplorerBarItem.DoClick()

at Infragistics.Win.UltraWinExplorerBar.UltraExplorerBar.Infragistics.Win.ISelectionManager.OnMouseUp(MouseMessageInfo& msginfo)

at Infragistics.Win.SelectionStrategySingle.OnMouseMessage(ISelectableItem item, MouseMessageInfo& msginfo)

at Infragistics.Win.ControlUIElementBase.ProcessMouseUpHelper(Object sender, MouseEventArgs e)

at Infragistics.Win.ControlUIElementBase.ProcessMouseUp(Object sender, MouseEventArgs e)

at Infragistics.Win.Utilities.ProcessEvent(Control control, ProcessEvent eventToProcess, EventArgs e)

at Infragistics.Win.UltraWinExplorerBar.UltraExplorerBar.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs e)

at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)

at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)

at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)

at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)

at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

Inner Exception:


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Stack Trace:

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.ViewObjects.Grid.Definitions.BandDefinition.CheckForUnsupportedCombinations()

at CS.Accounting.UI.ViewObjects.Grid.Grid.UpdateBandsToUseSearchTextBox(IModelList modelList)

at CS.Accounting.UI.ViewObjects.Grid.Grid.AddDataBinding(Object dataSource, String dataMember, ErrorProviderTreatment errorProviderTreatment)

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.BankReconciliation.StatementItemsTabs.ReconciliationStatementItemsListPresenter.ConfigureStatementItemsGrid()

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.BankReconciliation.StatementItemsTabs.ReconciliationStatementItemsListPresenter.ConfigureControls()

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.BankReconciliation.StatementItemsTabs.ReconciliationStatementItemsListPresenter..ctor(ICurrentClientKeyProvider currentClientKeyProvider, IReconciliationStatementItemsListModel model, IReconciliationStatementItemsListView view, PrivilegesBase userPrivilegesParameter, IReconciliationContextMenu contextMenuHelper)

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.BankReconciliation.StatementItemsTabs.ReconciliationStatementItemsDepositsAndCreditsListPresenter..ctor(ICurrentClientKeyProvider currentClientKeyProvider, IReconciliationStatementItemsDepositsAndCreditsListModel model, IReconciliationStatementItemsDepositsAndCreditsListView view, PrivilegesBase userPrivileges, IReconciliationContextMenu contextMenuHelper)

03/07/19 Platform CS Connect 2019.1.0 Notice 03/07/19 2019.1.0 Release of v. 2019.1.0 update of Accounting CS

The v. 2019.1.0 update of Accounting CS was installed in Virtual Office the evening of Wednesday, March 20th. For Desktop users, the update will be released on or before March 29th.

03/14/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2019.1.0 Notice 03/14/19 TBD 941 will be available on the next update

With the 2019.1.0 update the 941 will be available for 2019.

The update will be released on or before March 29th.

03/07/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.6 Fixed 03/07/19 2019.1.0 Alabama local form Irondale_M monthly reconciliation form is pulling in incorrect wages into line 2

The Alabama local form Irondale_M monthly reconciliation is pulling the incorrect amount into line 2.

03/07/19 Accounting Spreadsheet Import 2018.4.6 Fixed 03/07/19 2019.1.0 Spreadsheet Import deposit details reset to incorrect amounts when accessing the bank reconciliation

When importing deposits with details via spreadsheet import of transactions, the Details tab initially looks correct in Enter Transactions. If you open the bank reconciliation so the transaction details load into the Deposits tab, all of the detail amounts are incorrect and display as the transaction total, instead of keeping their original amounts. After this, even if you go back to Enter Transactions, the Details tab is wrong now, with all detail lines showing the transaction total.


After the Spreadsheet Import is complete and prior to opening the bank reconciliation, within Enter Transactions, make a slight change to the deposit with details and click Enter to save it. For example, change the description and change it back.

03/07/19 Payroll Tax Calculations 2018.4.6 Fixed 03/07/19 2019.1.0 Michigan minimum wage for tipped employees is incorrect

The minimum wage for tipped employees in Michigan is calculating at $10 per hour instead of the current $9.25.

02/25/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.6 Fixed 02/25/19 2019.1.0 Granville E School District not available to assign to a tax agent

We are working on getting the Granville school district added to the tax agent.

02/25/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.2 Verified 02/25/19 TBD Maine Seasonal Employees are provided 2 separate ID's for Quarterly's

We are aware that Maine is requiring seasonal employees to file two returns with separate ID's. We are currently working with the state on the best way to tackle this in the program.

02/22/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.6 Fixed 02/22/19 2019.1.0 West Virginia Creditor Garnishment Limits have changed

We will be updating shortly so that West Virginia calculations abide by the new percentage structure.

02/22/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.6 Fixed 02/22/19 2019.1.0 City of Carey, OH tax agent address has changed

Carey, OH is needing to be addressed to the City of Findlay Income Tax Department. This change will be addresses shortly

02/22/19 Payroll Compliance Reports 2018.4.6 Verified 02/22/19 TBD 1099 changes are not being honored after previewing a 1099 form

In Edit Payroll Tax Forms, select more then one 1099, and make some overrides, then switch over to the client data tab. When you go back to the recipient tab the options you had marked previously will be gone. Also, when previewing they won't be displayed.

Workaround: Go back to the recipient data tab and unmark again and then it will display correctly on the Copy A tab

02/22/19 Payroll Reports 2018.4.6 Fixed 02/22/19 2019.1.0 Deduction Item not deducting in certain circumstances

When entering a payroll check it sometimes calculates the wrong amount when entering into a sub department vs the primary department. We are looking to fix this shortly.

02/21/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.5 Fixed 02/21/19 2019.1.0 PA 1099 internet file is being rejected for invalid format

Currently when processing the 1099 misc forms for a PA client using the internet method the file is being rejected. The state sends back an error stating that select vendors have a comma in the vendor name. This comma is causing an invalid format.

02/21/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.4 Fixed 02/21/19 2019.1.0 NC 1099 Internet File is including VA information in the 1099

Currently we are allowing for other states addresses to affect the 1099 file for NC. We are looking for fix this shortly

02/18/19 Payroll Compliance Electronic Filing 2018.4.6 Verified 02/18/19 TBD Wisconsin W-2 forms when over 250 causes some W-2's to be missing

When e-filing the Wisconsin W-2 forms, if there is a client that has more than 250 W-2s being included in the file, it will only process the W-2s over 250. For example, if there are 265 W-2s being processed, only the last 15 will be included in the e-file.

Workaround: Please call support for a special line item to help you

As a workaround add the following line to the networkisntallation.ini file:


Notes from Dev:

If they need more than 500, they can change the number to whatever they wish. So, have the user insert the INI line below and process W2s and the WI electronic file as normal. The electronic file should be correct.

TFS 1617144

02/18/19 Payroll Reports 2018.4.6 Fixed 02/18/19 2019.1.0 Alaska SUI limit needs to be updated to 2019

Currently the SUI limit is stopping at the 2018 limit, we are in the process of updating for the 2019 limit.

02/18/19 Payroll Compliance Reports 2018.4.6 Verified 02/18/19 TBD 1099- Misc Corrected not generating when box 7 is changed to 0

When updating box 7 to a zero amount an additional corrective form is not being generated. We are looking to resolve this shortly.

02/18/19 Payroll Reports 2018.4.6 Verified 02/18/19 TBD Accruable benefits are not accruing properly in some instances

If the pay date is in the new year but the payroll period is in the previous year the hours accrued are not included in the Available balance. This client does not reset balances in the new year. Which causes the accrual to be incorrect.

02/18/19 Payroll Compliance Reports 2018.4.5 Fixed 02/18/19 2019.1.0 W-2c: Accuwage Rejecting the file with error

Receive the error when submitting a corrected W-2. The error received is:

Issue Number





The Originally Reported Permitted Benefits Under a Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement [Position 821-835]

User Entry



The Total Originally Reported Money field of the RCT record must be blank because all of the corresponding Originally Reported Money fields of the RCW records are blank.

02/15/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.4 Fixed 02/15/19 2019.1.0 Lansing City Tax and Walker City Tax are not calculating correctly

When Walker city tax is marked exempt it will make Lansing city tax stop calculating. We will be fixing shortly.

Workaround: Override the check for the tax manually

02/15/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.3 Fixed 02/15/19 2019.1.0 WI W-2 electronic state code

Currently when filing W-2's with Wisconsin the file is missing a state code line and will receive an error, this will be fixed shortly.

02/11/19 Payroll Reports 2018.4.6 Verified 02/11/19 TBD WorkforceHUB: Employee date of birth values can be off one day

When importing new hire employees, along with employee updates from WorkforceHUB the employee's Date of Birth is off by 1 day, if you are in a different time zone then Eastern Standard Time.

02/11/19 Workpapers Reports 2018.4.6 Fixed 02/11/19 2019.1.0 Annotations included when printing an engagement binder to FileCabinet

When printing an engagement binder to Filecabinet it is printing pdfs with the annotations made in the pdf editor. This only happens if in Setup>Firm Information>Firm>Preferences>Print engagement binder folder structure is marked.

Workaround: Unmark option mentioned above, or use the Print to file option instead of the direct integration

02/08/19 Accounting Reports 2018.4.5 Verified 02/08/19 TBD Tax Code Adjustments all import into the first unit in UltraTax

Even if you select a different unit, all tax code adjustments are going to UltraTax into the first unit.

See TFS for more details has been broken for awhile.

TFS 1612258

02/08/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.5 Fixed 02/08/19 2019.1.0 KW-3 Withholding Account Discontinue field pulling incorrect information

If you add an inactive date to a client, this date will pull into the KW-3 incorrectly, as the "Withholding Account Discontinue" field.

02/08/19 Payroll Reports 2018.4.5 Fixed 02/08/19 2019.1.0 Deposit Schedule won't change the Tax deposits report

When looking at the Tax Deposits report it will show that the deposit schedule is pulling whatever the first deposit schedule that was chosen on the client, instead of any changes.

02/08/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.5 Fixed 02/08/19 2019.1.0 WA Workers Compensation code 6411-14 is missing

Currently in the program the WA code 6411-14 is not available, we will be updating it shortly.

Workaround: Add the code manually, type the 6411-14 code and then the system will prompt for you to add it.

02/08/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.2 Fixed 02/08/19 2019.1.0 Saint Mary's PA local tax increase

This tax has increased for the 2019 year, we will have it updated shortly in the program

02/06/19 Payroll Compliance Reports 2018.4.4 Verified 02/06/19 TBD 1099-INT showing incorrect recipient state when editing

When in the edit payroll tax forms screen with a vendor who has a different state address than the client. When changing Box 15 for INT or state Abbr. in recipient data tab to the client state, it changes the recipient state as well.

02/01/19 Payroll Reports 2018.4.5 Fixed 02/01/19 2019.1.0 Virginia Creditor Garnishment incorrect

The creditor garnishment for VA is calculating incorrectly. This is only true when using the pay frequency of Semimonthly or Monthly. This is due to a rounding error we are looking to fix.

01/30/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.4 Fixed 01/30/19 2019.1.0 NJ WR-30 is calculating incorrect Base Week totals

We have confirmed that the WR-30 is not currently reflecting the correct amount of base weeks on employees if they have wages entered in a non primary department. We are currently working on a fix for this issue.

01/30/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.3 Fixed 01/30/19 2019.1.0 IT-941 and Coschocton return could reflect wrong numbers if including Coschocton city on form

The OH IT-941 and the Local Coschocton return could reflect incorrect numbers even with the W-2 and IT-3 are correct. We are currently investigating the discrepancies.

01/29/19 Accounting Reports 2018.4.5 Fixed 01/29/19 2019.1.0 Vendor direct deposit not adding checks from scheduled templates

Unprinted checks created from a scheduled template are not including direct deposit information.

Workaround: After an unprinted check is created, they can mark it as Handwritten, save, unmark it, and save again. The toggle then populates the necessary direct deposit allocations.

01/29/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.4 Fixed 01/29/19 2019.1.0 WI W-2 Copy 1 filed electronically could have an error

When Transmitting the WI W-2 Copy 1 electronically you could receive the error:

"Unable to add the file. The following are either missing or incorrect RTRecordIdentifier"

The reason this is happening is if you file a zero WT-7 the state does not want you to file a Copy 1 W-2. Please refrain from filing a W-2 in this situation.

See 1600526 for more information

TFS 1600526

01/28/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.4 Verified 01/28/19 TBD Louisiana L-3 Annual SIT form is not footing

On the LA L-3 form Page 1 shows four quarterly amounts which are correct but the total does not add up correctly

Workaround: Go into Actions | Edit Payroll Tax Forms and click the Employee Data tab, then override the values for each employee to match correctly to the total

01/23/19 Accounting Reports 2018.4.1 Fixed 01/24/19 2019.1.0 Credit Card Credit type transactions imported from QuickBooks are incorrect

The type of transaction of "Credit Card Credit" is being imported as a reversed sign transaction.

01/09/19 Payroll Compliance Reports 2018.4.3 Verified 01/23/19 TBD "Not Responding" while processing 1099's

We have had reports of 1099's and W2's being slow to process inside Edit Payroll Tax Forms. We are researching this issue at this point.

01/08/19 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.4.3 Fixed 01/23/19 2019.1.0 Pages missing from the Oregon STT-a

Employees and additional pages in certain circumstances will not print on all the pages.

Workaround: Select a quarter that has the most employee unemployment values that will show on the employee data tab and all the correct employees will show on the annual form. Make sure to mark quarterly and annually in this circumstance.

01/22/19 Platform Reports 2018.4.4 Fixed 01/23/19 2019.1.0 Layout Designer: Error after adding conditional expression for certain variables

When adding a conditional expression on a layout there are instances when you will receive the following message:


Length cannot be less than zero.

Parameter name: length

Exception Properties:

ActualValue: null

ParamName: length

Stack Trace:

at System.String.Substring(Int32 startIndex, Int32 length)

at CS.Accounting.Reports.Processor.DataSourceBase.AddDynamicSources(AggregateDataSource agg, Dictionary`2 dynamicRowMap)

at CS.Accounting.Reports.Processor.DataSourceBase.d__285.MoveNext()

at CS.Accounting.Reports.Processor.LayoutProcessor.CalculateLayoutForElementList(IDataSource layoutDataSource, IEnumerable`1 elements, String identifier, Guid transactionIdentifier, IOutput cache, Boolean calcRepeatingRegion, DatasharingInfoGatherer datasharingInfoGatherer)

at CS.Accounting.Reports.Processor.LayoutProcessor.CalculateLayoutForElementList(IDataSource layoutDataSource, IEnumerable`1 elements, String identifier, Guid transactionIdentifier, IOutput cache, Boolean calcRepeatingRegion, DatasharingInfoGatherer datasharingInfoGatherer)

at CS.Accounting.Reports.Processor.LayoutProcessor.NewCalculateLayout(IOutput cache, IList`1 txFieldFilters, Guid transactionIdentifier, Nullable`1 clientKey, DatasharingInfoGatherer datasharingInfoGatherer)

at CS.Accounting.Reports.Processor.LayoutProcessor.CalculatePrintJob(IOutput cache, DatasharingInfoGatherer datasharingInfoGatherer)

at CS.Accounting.Reports.Processor.LayoutProcessor.NewGenerateReportCalculatedCache(DatasharingInfoGatherer datasharingInfoGatherer)

at CS.Accounting.Reports.Processor.LayoutProcessor.Evaluate(Object parameter)

at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(Object state)

at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)

at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)

at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)

at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart(Object obj)

01/10/19 Payroll Compliance Reports 2018.4.3 Verified 01/23/19 TBD Edit Payroll Tax Forms experiencing an error during 1099 data entry

When working with a 1099-MISC form in Edit Payroll Tax forms, if the date is deleted in the signature area of the Client Data tab, the program seems to freeze -- buttons can be selected on the navigation pane and the "Additional info" button can be pressed, but nothing will happen. You must go back in and enter the date, if you want to suppress the date you must use the additional info button to suppress the date.

Per dev notes:

Teeple, Jeremy (Tax)commented 2 hours ago

This is not locking the program. This is just requiring a date to be entered. You will see that the cursor stays in that field after you delete the date. If you click back in that field and enter a date it will let you click off the field. We will update on a future release to allow a blank field to be entered. The proper way to suppress the date is to mark the option in additional information. This way the user does not need to make this override every year.

TFS 1595381

07/09/18 Platform SQL Version 2018.2.0 Notice 07/09/18


Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 is ending

On July 9th, 2019 Microsoft will discontinue extended support of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

For more details, see the Discontinued support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 help article.

01/10/19 Payroll Impound 2018.4.3 Verified 01/17/19 TBD Impound: Tax agents that were previously not selected for funding will automatically be selected in some situations

If you have a client setup to do "Selected" funding for tax agents, some tax agents that were previously not selected will automatically get selected in some situations. This issue appears to only happen with state tax agents and it will happen when a new deposit schedule takes effect. This issue does not apply to federal or local tax agents.

01/03/19 Workpapers Onvio Documents 2018.4.2 Verified 01/14/19 TBD Error adding documents to Onvio Documents portlet if documents have been uploaded to client folder in Onvio Client Center

In the Onvio Client Center if you uploaded documents to a client’s folder when adding those documents using the Onvio Documents portlet in the Workpapers Dashboard you may receive the following error: There was a problem communicating with Onvio. Please try again.

Workaround: In the Onvio Client Center move all the documents out of the client’s folder. Delete that client folder. You will now be able to login to the Onvio Documents portlet in the Workpapers Dashboard and add the documents to your binder.

01/09/19 Payroll Data sharing 2018.4.2 Open 01/09/19 TBD W-2 Datasharing from Accounting CS to UltraTax CS

If you attempt all of the steps in the following datasharing article and the programs still will not data  share, please take a look at the last bullet point in the Internal Notes section: Sharing W-2 data with UltraTax

Successful workaround: Rename the X:\WinCSI\Accounting CS Data\ ClientID folder to ClientID.OLD. Then rebuild datasharing for that one client in ACS, and then reprocess the employee copy of the W-2's.

There is also a TFS WI: 1518046

11/27/18 Payroll Compliance Employee Setup 2018.3.2 Fixed 01/10/19 2019.1.0 Switching Employee Type to Agricultural receives error

Users will receive an error when trying to switch their employee type to agricultural from standard with open liabilities present.

Error received is:


Unable to determine the payment schedule for the vendor.


Stack Trace:

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.EmployeeSetup.Main.EmployeeMainModel.UpdateVendorOpenLiabilities(DataSet readDataSet, DataSet writeDataSet, HolidayCalculator holidayCalculator)

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.EmployeeSetup.Main.EmployeeMainModel.ChangeEmployeeEarningsTypeOnChecks()

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.EmployeeSetup.Main.EmployeeMainPresenter. b__17_0(CommonDialogResult dialogResult, Delegate actionToContinue)

at CS.Accounting.UI.ViewObjects.View.WinDisplayPopupMessage(MessageBoxEventArgs messageBoxEventArgs, Func`6 showMessageBox)

at CS.Accounting.UI.ViewObjects.View.DisplayPopupMessage(MessageBoxEventArgs messageBoxEventArgs)

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.EmployeeSetup.Main.EmployeeMainPresenter.OnSaved(Object sender, SavedEventArgs e)

12/21/18 Payroll Enter Batch Payroll 2018.4.0 Verified 01/02/19 TBD On Demand Payroll Checks: GL accounts assigned to inactive payroll checks are not being used in some situations

If you enter an On-Demand batch for an employee and select a pay item that has never been active on the employee, the program will not use the GL account that is assigned to that pay item the first time you enter an On-Demand batch. It works fine if you enter a second On-Demand batch, but the first time you enter one it uses the undistributed GL account.

12/07/18 Payroll Spreadsheet Import 2018.3.4 Verified 01/02/19 TBD Handwritten Batch Payroll Checks: Unknown location or department error when importing spreadsheet in certain scenarios

When attempting to import a spreadsheet on the Actions > Enter Batch Handwritten Payroll Checks screen, an error may occur stating "Unknown Location or Department of pay Item ". It's happening to employees that have two locations where only 1 location has a department assigned.

Workaround: Assign a department to both locations or delete the second location if it is not needed.

12/13/18 Accounting QuickBooks 2018.3.4 Verified 12/31/18 TBD System.ArgumentException: Unrecognized description error when importing from QuickBooks Online

A "System.ArgumentException: Unrecognized description: Vehicle" error could occur when attempting to import from QuickBooks Online into Accounting CS. As a workaround, look for account codes in QuickBooks with a subtype of "Vehicle". Temporarily change the subtype to something else on all of them (including inactive accounts) and the import should complete without error.

12/03/18 Accounting Bank Reconciliation 2018.3.4 Fixed 12/03/18 2019.1.0 The Bank Reconciliation checkbox column order does not stay where you drag it after leaving the screen and returning

In the bank rec, the column order for the Checkbox column does not persist after leaving the screen and coming back. That column isn't available in the Edit > Options dialog, so the only way to change the column order is by dragging and dropping.


10/18/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.3.1 Verified 10/19/18 TBD Possible incorrect CO OPT calculation

In some situations, an incorrect Colorado OPT tax amount could calculate when entering a check in Enter Batch Payroll set to an annual pay frequency.

10/12/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.3.0 Verified 10/19/18 TBD NV MBT General Business taxable wages aren't being considered on the TXR-020 when in multiple locations

Nevada MBT General Business taxable wages aren't being considered on the payroll tax form TXR-020 when the employee is in multiple locations.

10/16/18 Payroll Payroll Schedules 2018.3.0 Verified 10/16/18 TBD Payroll Schedules: Marking the option to 'Adjust check date for non-business days' may cause an error

On the Setup / Clients / Payroll Information tab if you setup a Payroll Schedule with the option marked to ‘Adjust check date for non-business days’ you may receive an error referencing, 'The result is out of the supported range for this calendar.’ 

Workaround: Setup up the payroll schedule, but do NOT mark the checkbox option to 'Adjust the check date for non-business days.' Create the schedule, save the changes, and then edit the schedule to mark the checkbox. Then edit one of the dates, click the Update button, change the date back to the original date, and then click Update again. 

09/26/18 Accounting State Tax Forms 2018.2.3 Notice 09/27/18


W-4 changes from the IRS will be delayed until 2020

The W-4 redesign was announced for 2019 however, per the IRS this has been delayed until 2020

09/04/18 Payroll Payroll 2018.2.2 Verified 09/10/18 TBD Enter Batch Payroll is not reflecting Prenote changes

When you start a batch in the "Enter Batch Payroll" screen with one employee in "Waiting" status for Direct Deposit, and you update the status in the Process Direct Deposit > Prenote Screen, it does not update or refresh the employees status when returning to Enter Batch Payroll.


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