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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Service Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
09/13/18 Payroll Compliance E-filing Notice Notice 09/13/18 Notice IRS updated e-Services user agreement

On October 14, 2018 you'll be asked to accept the terms of an updated user agreement on the IRS e-Services website. A significant change to the user agreement is that you are now required to notify your clients if you use an Intermediate Service Provider (ISP). Thomson Reuters is not considered an ISP because our software does not ask you to enter your IRS e-Services account information.

For more information, see this article on the IRS website.

09/12/18 All Platform Notice Notice 09/12/18 Notice Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief

Thomson Reuters offers assistance for customers affected by a disaster. To read more about the program and what it includes, see Disaster Recovery Assistance. If you need to participate in this program, call 800.968.8900.

08/27/18 Platform Client Dashboards 2018.2.2 Fixed 09/10/18 Pending Release Some portlets are showing incorrect numbers on the Client Dashboard

Currently the Revenues and Expenses, Net Income - Actual vs Budget and the Account Analysis portlet are showing the client access current period numbers instead of the ACS current period numbers.

09/10/18 Platform Client Access 2018.2.2 Fixed 09/10/18 Pending Release Receiving a pop up when attempting to change services

When attempting to change a service on a client, you receive a TR ID login screen. This screen is intended for enabling/disabling "On-Balance Express" only, and should not pop up otherwise. We are working on getting this fixed, at this moment choose "No" and continue.

09/05/18 Workpapers File Exchange 2018.2.2 Verified 09/10/18 TBD Opening a folder in Workpapers Dashboard causing an error

When trying to open a folder in the Workpapers dashboard you receive the error "unknown error has occurred", this is because it is attempting to use the File Exchange View. We are currently working on this.

09/10/18 Platform Reports 2018.2.3 Verified 09/10/18 TBD System Filtering causing error

A large error will appear when you type invalid information into the Filter by box, if there is not a custom filter already setup you will receive an error.


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Stack Trace:

at CreativeSolutions.Common.Controls.Grid.CommonDropDownList.IsValidText(String text)....


TFS 1515080

08/27/18 Workpapers QuickBooks 2018.2.2 Verified 09/10/18 TBD Classes not being applied to transactions

When you import Account Balances only from Workpapers, it will not post the transactions to the correct class account. It will place the balance to the core account

You can have them turn on accounting if that is an option and it will bring them in, or you can use spreadsheet import as a workaround.

TFS 1505736

09/04/18 Payroll Payroll 2018.2.2 Verified 09/10/18 TBD Enter Batch Payroll is not reflecting Prenote changes

When you start a batch in the "Enter Batch Payroll" screen with one employee in "Waiting" status for Direct Deposit, and you update the status in the Process Direct Deposit > Prenote Screen, it does not update or refresh the employees status when returning to Enter Batch Payroll.

08/27/18 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.2.1 Verified 09/10/18 TBD Error when marking Wage Exempt for Oregon Statewide Transit Tax

When you mark the Wage Exempt checkbox for the Oregon Statewide Transit Tax you will receive an error that states "A new guard page for the stack cannot be created".

9/10/18 Platform CS Connect 2018.3.0 Notice 9/10/18 2018.3.0 Release of v. 2018.3.0 update of Accounting CS

The v. 2018.3.0 update of Accounting CS is tentatively scheduled to be released via CS Connect on Monday, 9/24.  It will be installed in VO the night of Sunday, 9/23. 

09/04/18 Platform Reports 2018.2.1 Fixed 09/10/18 2018.2.3 Error when using the "Created Date" of "Finalized Printed Date" sort option

When trying to run certain payroll reports using the sort option of 'Created Date' or 'Finalized Printed Date', and error occurs.

An error similar to below happens:


Bad column reference(s) in call to DropAllBut: created_date [[ or finalized_printed_date ]]

... while compiling this expression:

This subexpression appeared in this expression being compiled....

08/16/18 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.2.1 Fixed 09/10/18 2018.2.3 Stanford Kentucky Tax Rate Update

Stanford, Kentucky (KY) Payroll Tax Update from .65 to 1.15

08/10/18 Workpapers Add Workpapers 2018.2.1 Verified 08/14/18 TBD Adding workpaper from existing engagement binder with duplicate workpaper reference may cause an error

Adding a workpaper from an existing engagement binder in which the workpaper reference already exists in the current binder and choosing not to replace may cause the following error: An attempt was made to insert a new tree node with a duplicate item key.

Change the workpaper reference to something unique instead of adding the duplicate workpaper reference as a new workpaper.

08/09/18 Payroll Process Direct Deposit 2018.2.1 Testing Fix 09/04/18 Pending Release Process Direct Deposit - Funding correctly processing the items you have selected

In the Process Direct Deposit – Funding dialog the program may appear as though all items are selected when you process funds when in fact you have selected specific ones. The program is correctly processing the items that you have selected.

08/09/18 Platform Security N/A Notice 08/09/18 N/A User experience enhancements for CS Professional Suite

As a CS Professional Suite customer, we are informing you that as part of our ongoing efforts to address the evolving cybersecurity landscape, in early August 2018 we will update UltraTax CS to include multi-factor authentication (MFA) user experience improvements, enhancements to our file encryption-at-rest process, and updates for global data privacy requirements. This update follows our implementation of MFA in all CS Professional Suite products in February 2017, with further enhancements in 2018 including requiring MFA to electronically file tax returns. This update will require no action on your part.

There will be an "Encrypting data sharing" dialog that appears the first time a customer opens UltraTax 2017. If customers ask about this dialog, our positioning statement is: "This is part of our file encryption-at-rest process enhancements related to this update." This is a one-time process that will take 3 seconds/client for desktop installations and a little longer for VO/SaaS.

As of August 20, Accounting CS has been updated, so data sharing with UltraTax 17 should work normally. With this update, data sharing information out of UltraTax CS 2017 to other CS applications will be collected and held until an update later this month, at which point the information collected will be data shared as usual. Prior versions of UltraTax (16 and earlier) will not data share to or from other CS applications in any environment.

As part of this update, customers may be prompted to update .NET framework or their web browser. If so, have them follow the prompts on their screen. Customers will be given a link to Installing an updated .NET Framework. Direct customers to their IT professional if they need additional assistance updating .NET or their web browser.

07/24/18 Payroll State Tax 2018.2.1 Notice 08/08/18 TBD New Irondale Alabama withholding

Irondale, AL has a new 1% withholding for certain employees. This will be added to the program in a future update.

08/08/18 Platform MFA N/A Open 08/08/18 TBD Enabling MFA on NetStaff prevents SSO from working

NetStaff users who have enabled MFA may experience being prompted to sign in when opening or printing to FileCabinet CS despite having an existing active session in other CS Professional Suite applications. Most often, this is caused by the CS Web and NetStaff accounts having the same login. Complete the steps below to work through the issue.

1. Log into CS Web and NetFirm and enable MFA in both areas.

2. Change their login name for either NetFirm or CS Web but not both. The user will then need to use the new unique NetFirm login.

3. Change the password in either CS Web or NetFirm but not both. The user will then need to use the unique NetFirm password.

If the steps above do not reach resolution for SSO related issues, see TFS #1431141 in the Onvio_Global_Support section of TFS.

TFS 1431141

08/06/18 Payroll Payroll liabilities 2018.2.0 Fixed 09/04/18 2018.2.3 Adding a payroll liability through Actions > Manage Payroll Liabilities may cause an error

Within Actions > Manage Payroll Liabilities if you add a liability to a client, then switch to a new client from the drop down in the top right and add a liability to that client, you may receive the following error:


There was an error creating the liability.

Stack Trace:

at CS.Accounting.UI.Main.ManageLiabilities.ManageLiabilitiesModel.AddLiability(AddLiabilityModel addLiabilityModel, String& errorMessage)

at CS.Accounting.UI.Main.ManageLiabilities.ManageLiabilitiesPresenter.AddLiability(Object sender, EventArgs e)

Our development team is currently looking into this.

08/06/18 Payroll Employer Contribution 2018.2.0 Fixed 09/04/18 2018.2.3 Employer Contribution Graduated Table is not calculating correctly in some instances

When using a graduated table for an Employer Contribution items that are calculated on % of deduction items the amount calculated is not correct. Our development team is currently looking into this.

08/03/18 Accounting Transaction Templates 2018.2.1 Fixed 09/04/18 2018.2.3 Schedule Transaction Templates do not populate Vendor address during Transaction generation

Scheduled Transactions using Transaction Templates are currently generating without the address information from the Vendor.

Clearing the field for the Vendor ID in the transaction detail of the created transactions in Actions > Enter Transactions and selecting the Vendor again from the dropdown list will cause the address to populate.

08/03/18 Accounting Direct Deposit 2018.2.1 Testing Fix 09/04/18 Pending Release Editing prior printed checks for Vendors that are setup for Direct Deposit

Prior Vendor Checks that were printed and not processed as Direct Deposit files may appear on the Process Direct Deposit screen if they are edited while the Vendor's Payment Preference is set to Direct Deposit. Creating a ACH file from that entry will also cause the check to appear on the Direct Deposit tab in Reconcile Bank Accounts, rather than on Checks and Payments.

Until resolved, if a prior check needs to be edited for a Vendor setup for Direct Deposit, the payment preference of the Vendor will need to be changed to Check before the edit. This is done on the Main tab of the Vendor in Setup > Vendors. It can then be changed back after the edit is complete.

07/25/18 Payroll Compliance Electronic Filing 2018.1.2 Notice 07/26/18


ComplyRight Notices

Several firms have reached out regarding ComplyRight notices they have received for their business clients. There is no affiliation with the CS Professional Suite and ComplyRight. Firms will need to further investigate the matter on their end with their business clients and items that may be related with the company including contacting ComplyRight regarding the notice and impacts. The matter is outside our scope of support and not a breach with Thomson Reuters. For more information, direct firms to ComplyRight Data Security Incident Notice.

07/25/18 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.2.1 Testing Fix 07/25/18 Pending Release Charleston West Virginia form CSF-2 and form rates have changed

The form CSF-2 for the City of Charleston, West Virginia has been updated by the agency with new rates.

The CSF-2 form available in Accounting CS is the prior form without the updated rates. Our development team is reviewing this change.

07/24/18 Accounting Transfer 2018.2.1 Fixed 09/04/18 2018.2.3 Error when transferring a segmented account number without its core account in Transfer Client Information

An error can occur when trying to transfer Chart of Account numbers from one client to another using the Transfer Client Information option from the File menu:


The given key was not present in the dictionary.

This occurs when the account being transferred is a segmented account and the core account associated with it is not also being transferred.

Until this is resolved, the core account must be selected to be transferred along with the desired segmented account.

07/24/18 Platform Reports 2018.2.1 Fixed 8/30/18 N/A Virtual Office and SAAS firms can not view pdf files in the Accounting CS Library

When trying to view the pdf sample of a report in the Accounting CS Library, Virtual Office and SAAS firms will receive the following error:

"Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded."

This error only applies to the preview sample of the layout. Users can still import the file using the green import arrow button. Until this issue is resolved, you can access the library and view samples outside of the Virtual Office/SAAS portal by placing the follow link into the address bar of a web browser:

07/19/18 Payroll Enter Batch 2018.2.1 Fixed 09/04/18 2018.2.3 Enter Batch Handwritten Payroll Checks: Crash / error when attempting spreadsheet import

An error may occur when attempting to process a batch on the Actions > Enter Batch Handwritten Payroll Checks.


Column 'is_processed_as_prior' does not belong to table Client_Pay_Schedule_Detail.

Exception Properties:

ParamName: null

Stack Trace:

at System.Data.DataRow.GetDataColumn(String columnName)

at System.Data.DataRowExtensions.SetField[T](DataRow row, String columnName, T value)

at CS.Accounting.UI.Payroll.AfterTheFactBatchCheckEntry.
AfterTheFactBatchWorkItem.AddClientPaySchedule(DataSet ds, DataEventArgs`1 args)

at CS.Accounting.UI.Payroll.AfterTheFactBatchCheckEntry.
(Object sender, DataEventArgs`1 e)

07/19/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.2.0 Fixed 07/20/18 Pending Release Empty Cumberland Count Q LST internet file

Empty internet file is getting generated for CumberlandCounty_Q_LST

07/18/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.2.0 Verified 07/20/18 TBD Georgia unemployment internet file may not be in the correct format

GA SUTA internet file may be rejected with a message that the file format is incorrect.


1. Recreate the file. The file format is generally correct the second time.

2. Remove the file from Manage Files, reprocess the client forms and then create the file again.

07/19/18 Workpapers Addins 2018.2.1 Notice 07/19/18


Microsoft Excel workpapers showing #NAME in some circumstances

First try the steps in this Help & How-To Center article:

Workpapers CS add in does not load in Microsoft Office applications

For some firms, the steps in the article did not resolve the issue and they found the issue was caused by a Microsoft .NET Framework update (KB4338420). Uninstalling that update fixed the issue. Microsoft is aware of this issue and is actively working on a solution. Please consult your IT professional before attempting to uninstall Microsoft updates.

If uninstalling the update does not correct the issue, another option would be the take the following steps with your IT professional:

  1. Open the User Account Control (UAC) settings.
  2. Switch that user's setting from "Never Notify" to "Notify Me Only When Programs Try to Make Changes to My Computer".
  3. Reboot the workstation.
07/13/18 Platform Reports 2018.2.0 Fixed 09/04/18 2018.2.3 Reports (Print to Excel): Number formatting is erroneously stripping leading zeros or using wrong numbers

Reports (Print to Excel): Number formatting is erroneously stripping leading zeros or using wrong numbers. For example, an ID number, Account Number, Routing Number, etc. such as 0012345 ends up in Excel as 12345.

07/13/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.2.0 Testing Fix 09/04/18 Pending Release South Dakota DOL-UID-21 Question 2

South Dakota UI form DOL-UID-21 does not mark question 2 "Does this account operate in more than one location in South Dakota?" to yes even if there are multiple locations for the client in South Dakota and checks are written/printed for each location. The checkbox will need to be marked manually as a workaround.

07/11/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.2.0 Testing Fix 07/11/18 Pending Release Nevada form NEW0098 Grand Total value is incorrect

Currently the Grand Total of the NV NEW0098 form is not including values place in the Total Tips Reported column. The Total Tips Reported is also not being included in the Employee Total Gross Wages + Tips field.

07/11/18 Accounting QuickBooks Online 2018.2.0 Testing Fix 07/11/18 Pending Release QuickBooks Online Import error may be received when importing invoices

When importing from QuickBooks Online an error is received if using a group of invoice items on an invoice.

The error received is:

System.InvalidOperationException: unexpected line detail type while processing invoices.

Our development team is looking into this.


Add individual invoice items to the invoice instead of using grouped invoice items.

07/09/18 Platform SQL Version 2018.2.0 Notice 07/09/18


Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 is ending

On July 9th, 2019 Microsoft will discontinue extended support of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

For more details, see the Discontinued support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 help article.

07/06/18 Accounting Chart of Accounts 2018.2.0 Testing Fix 07/06/18 Pending Release Renumbering a core account in the chart of accounts within a segmented client throws an error

In a segmented client, when trying to renumber a core account in the Chart of Accounts screen, an error occurs.

You initially get a message that the system also needs to renumber the linked segmented accounts, but when you click OK to continue, it throws the program error below, and doesn't renumber the accounts.

Program error: GL Account table segment columns must have the same value as their related GL Account Segment Code table code column.


Use Edit Multiple Accounts within Setup > Chart of Accounts to renumber accounts.

06/29/18 Platform Dashboards 2018.2.0 Fixed 09/04/18 2018.2.3 Client Dashboard formatting issues within report-based portlets

Report-based portlets within the dashboards currently have formatting issues such as crooked lines, misaligned $ signs, etc.

This will also happen if you output a report to the HTML file type.

06/29/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.2.0 Fixed 09/04/18 2018.2.3 Oregon Statewide Transit Tax (STT) exemptions on deduction items are not being honored

The program is not properly honoring the tax exempt checkbox for Oregon Statewide Transit Tax (STT). If all state taxes are marked exempt, it's counting as pretax. If Oregon STT is the only one marked tax exempt, it does not exclude that amount from Oregon STT calc.

06/29/18 Platform Reports 2018.2.0 Notice 06/29/18 TBD Error when exporting reports to Excel - Assembly binding logging is turned OFF

Some firms are receiving the following error when exporting reports to Excel after installing the 2018.2.0 version:

PropertyName :Exception.FusionLog; PropertyValue:WRN: Assembly binding logging is turned OFF.

To enable assembly bind failure logging, set the registry value [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog] (DWORD) to 1.

Note: There is some performance penalty associated with assembly bind failure logging.

To turn this feature off, remove the registry value [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog].

PropertyName :Exception.FileName; PropertyValue:Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c

ERROR: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel


1. Check what version of Excel is being used. We only support 2010 and higher. Please direct customers to our System Requirements for this information: System Requirements

2. If they are on 2016 and downloaded from the app store, please make sure they are all the way up to date. If that does not resolve they should download and install the full .exe, .msi, or .iso file for a traditional install.

06/26/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.1.2 Verified 06/26/18 TBD Kentucky form Fayette Cou_220-221 is not including employer contributions on line 1 if the work location is outside of Fayette County

Kentucky form Fayette Cou_220-221 is not including employer contributions on line 1 if the work location is outside of Fayette County. Line 1 should include all gross pay whether in Fayette County or not.

Workaround: Override the form.

06/21/18 Payroll South Carolina 2018.2.0 Verified 06/21/18 TBD South Carolina Unemployment Tax Payment Methods

The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce has updated their ACH Credit specifications and we are working to accommodate them in a future release. Until that time, South Carolina unemployment insurance payments made via ACH Credit may require a longer processing time, which could potentially incur late payment penalties and interest. Note that you can choose to make payments through one of these alternative methods.

• Paper check accompanied by a payment voucher, which must be printed from each client’s online SUITS account.

• ACH Debit, which is also available through the SUITS website. You can record the payments in Accounting CS using the vendor payment method.

06/20/18 Payroll Workers' Compensation 2018.1.2 Fixed 09/04/18 2018.2.3 Excluded pay item hours may appear in InsurePay files

Pay items and hours that are excluded for InsurePay reporting are still be included in the InsurePay file.

06/07/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.1.2 Testing Fix 06/07/18 Pending Release The Mississippi transmittal form 89-140 date fields are not holding overrides

On MS transmittal form 89-140, overrides to Date Signed or Date Mailed do not stick when previewing or printing form. It will instead show the system date. This is with or without the Suppress Date option selected.

05/31/18 Payroll Tax Forms 2018.1.2 Verified 05/31/18 TBD For 1099 Vendors, the One Form per Transaction option is only working for the first transaction entered

When the box is marked for the One 1099 form per transaction in the 1099 properties of the vendor setup, the box is marked in the details for the first transaction entered but is not marked for subsequent transactions in the same session within Enter Transactions.

05/29/18 All Platform N/A Verified 05/29/18 N/A "Unable to verify profile" error when enabling MFA

After clicking on the My Profile section of our website, some users may receive a similar error message. The error typically reads “Unable to verify profile”. The MFA Troubleshooting article provides steps you can and our users can take to resolve this issue.

The ideal resolution is the user logs in to our website, receives the MFA popup message after entering their email and password, and clicks Set Up Now to enable MFA for their account. Do not direct non-Onvio users receiving this error to to resolve this issue, even in cases for the MFA popup was previously snoozed. This previously suggested workaround can cause issues with the data on the backend when enabling MFA in this way.

Multiple accounts for our website (Thomson Reuters IDs) can also be the cause of this issue. Use EMS to check for this. To do so, follow the internal steps provided for this error message in the MFA troubleshooting article.

05/29/18 Platform Client Access 2018.1.2 Verified 05/29/18 TBD Windows 10 update interfering with transaction data entry for Firm Hosted Client Access users

After installing Windows 10 update KB4103721 Firm Hosted Client Access users have reported that the Transaction Type and Date fields on the Enter Transactions screen are blank when they use the drop down menu.

Removing the update on the Windows 10 machine does resolve the issue.

Potential workaround: Disable "Use advanced RemoteFX graphics for RemoteApp" in gpedit.msc.

05/01/18 Payroll Direct Deposit N/A Notice 05/01/18


Kotapay replacing InterceptEFT questions

When a customer asks about Kotapay replacing InterceptEFT, refer them to the letter InterceptEFT sent them.

Note: The letter from InterceptEFT contains the contact information. If they do not have their letter, have them contact general InterceptEFT support.

05/02/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.1.0 Testing Fix 05/02/18 Pending Release Ohio local calculates when no wages are entered in that work location

If an employee has multiple locations, one that is OH and one possibly a different state the Ohio locals are calculating for the OH work location even when no wages are entered for that location.

04/17/18 Payroll Payroll Tax Forms 2018.1.0 Verified 04/30/18 TBD Change of a business location address and taxes from the new address show up only on the Pennsylvania Keystone LST form

If you change a business location address the taxes from the new address will only show up on the Pennsylvania Keystone LST form.

Workaround: Change the business location back to its original address. Add a 2nd business location for the new address.

04/19/18 Payroll Time Clock 2018.1.0 Testing Fix 04/19/18 Pending Release Hours are not importing from SwipeClock integration when pay items do not match the case in both programs

Currently the pay item mapping is case-sensitive when using the csxml2 file format and this is causing hours not to import from SwipeClock.

When importing hours from SwipeClock, the program should properly map the pay item hours and accruable benefit hours and not be case-sensitive.

03/29/18 Payroll Garnishment 2018.1.0 Testing Fix 09/04/18 Pending Release Illinois garnishment calculation requires it to be 45 x minimum wage instead of 30 x minimum wage

The state of IL requires garnishments to take the lessor of:

15% of gross wages paid for that week


The amount by which disposable income exceeds 45 x the federal minimum wage.

The system creditor garnishment currently uses the federal calculation of:

25% of disposable income (after all taxes including state and local).


The amount by which disposable income exceeds 30 x the federal minimum wage.

02/07/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2017.4.2 Verified 02/07/18 TBD Ohio resident tax is calculating when marked as exempt

In situations where there is an Ohio resident tax with nexus marked for courtesy withholding and a payroll item marked as tax exempt for Ohio Cities tax the tax is still calculating.

01/02/18 Payroll CSA Conversion N/A Notice 01/02/18 TBD Cannot convert because CSA payroll period is not in the latest period

Because CSA licenses are now expired and past the grace period, some firms are finding they cannot convert certain clients because the client's payroll processing period is not in the latest period for that client. They cannot change the processing period with expired licenses so this will have to be completed by support.

If we get a customer who is unable to convert because they cannot move their payroll period forward, your FIRST STEP is to review  CSA & CBS end of support workflow to determine if they are eligible for support.

Remember getting data isn’t ideal and this is a one-time exception to this CSA issue. If they are eligible for support, please let the customer know that we need to make a change in the client data to resolve the issue. Have the customer upload the client to CS Connect and enter a CFR listing the CSA Client ID. Please do not download the CSA data. The CF will retrieve the client from CS Connect. The CF will manually move the client into the latest payroll processing period and provide you with the fixed client data to be sent back to the firm. Below are links to topics that can be used to walk the customers through sending in the client and how to securely send back the zip file the CF will provide. Once the firm receives the fixed zip file, they should save this in a folder named the same as the CSA Client ID. (Client IDs over eight characters long require a decimal after the eighth character EX: MICHIGAN.STA)

Sending CSA client data to CS Support via CS Connect

Internal: Restoring customer SQL data for testing

12/11/17 Accounting Year End 2017.3.3 Verified 12/11/17 TBD Year End Closing - exact amounts entered in dialog are not reflected in beginning balance of the Next Year

In rare cases, the amounts entered in the Year End Close dialog are calculating a few cents off the ending balance of the prior year after the close process is complete. Our development team is aware and working to resolve this issue.

11/07/17 Accounts Payable Accounts Payable 2017.3.2 Verified 11/07/17 TBD Unable to Apply negative payables properly in the Manage Payments screen

Currently, if there is a negative payable included in an application group, you are unable to apply it properly in the Manage Payments screen. As a workaround, when negative payables are used, you will need to choose Pay (creating a new AP check/payment), instead of Apply (using an existing AP check/payment).

09/28/17 Payroll Client Access 2017.2.2 Verified 09/28/17 TBD Client Access is generating payroll liabilities associated with payroll agents but not tax agents in some situations

In some situations, the Client Access program is generating liabilities associated with payroll agents but it is not generating any of the liabilities associated with tax agents. This appears to happen when a client is setup to do Setup/Time Entry payroll in Client Access only and the client enters a handwritten check via the Actions > Process Batch Payroll Checks screen.

09/14/17 Accounting Integration 2017.2.2 Fixed 9/4/18 2018.2.3 When using integration with GoFileRoom a DateTime index type is being sent with a blank date/time value

Documents sent from ACS to GoFileRoom when the document date index format is set to datetime in GFR do not display the document date in the Search or Search Results in GoFileRoom. The date and time 00:00:00 are present in the Document History Audit and Document Tracking report for the documents.

08/25/17 Payroll Garnishment 2017.2.2 Testing Fix 9/10/18 Pending Release Virginia and Minnesota creditor garnishments

Virginia and Minnesota creditor garnishments should protect against 40 times the federal minimum wage rate

04/18/17 Accounts Payable Accounts Payable 2017.1.0 Verified 04/18/17 TBD Accounts Payable Check Printing error

The following error may occur if using Automatic Application for Accounts Payable in certain situations:

Preprocessing: An error occurred when creating AP checks from pending payments.

03/01/17 Payroll Bank Reconciliation 2016.4.4 Verified 03/07/17 TBD Error opening Reconciled Impound Bank Accounts

An error occurs if a staff member attempts to enter Reconcile Impound Bank Accounts but does not have access to the FIRM client.


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


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