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Creating formulas and functions

Use these steps to insert a formula and/or function directly into the design grid of the Layout Designer workspace.

  1. In the design grid, select the area or region where the formula is to be inserted.
  2. Choose Insert > Formula to open the Formula dialog.
  3. Formulas can be created using variables, functions, static amounts, or any combination of those items with the desired operator button.
    1. Select the Variables option to specify variables from the tree view.
    2. Select the Functions option to specify dates, range of date counts, and to define variables and/or other detail for the selected function, as required. The Validate function enables you to check data for specific formatting by using custom regular expressions for the selected variable. Example.
      Function Detail
      Date Variable 1; Date format; Period
      Day Variable 1
      Month Variable 1
      Year Variable 1
      End of Month Month (1-12)
      Day Count Variable 1-2
      Week Count Variable 1-2
      Month Count Variable 1-2
      Validate Variable 1; Regex format

      Note: As in the following examples, the Validate function requires a variable and a regular expression to test. Yes or No is displayed in the check or form based on the values that flow from the source data and validated against the regular expression.

      Validate function with a regular expression Formatting to validate
      [Validate(Client.CustomFields.CustomID.Value,“^(?!0)(\d{6})$”)] Cannot start with 0 and must contain 6 digits.
      [Validate(Client.Business.Number,“^(?!9)(\d{3})-(\d{3})-(\d{4})$”)] Cannot start with 9 and must contain the format of xxx-xxx-xxxx (3 digits, hyphen, 3 digits, hyphen, 4 digits)
      [Validate(Employee.EINSSN,"^(?!078-05-1120|219-09-9999)(?!000|666|9\d{2})(\d{3})-(?!00)(\d{2})-(?!0000)(\d{4})$")] Cannot be 078-05-1120 or 219-09-9999; cannot contain 000, 666, or start with 9 in the first group of 3 digits; cannot contain 00 in the second group of 2 digits; cannot contain 0000 in the third group of 4 digits, and must contain the format of xxx-xx-xxxx (3 digits, hyphen, 2 digits, hyphen, 4 digits)
    3. Use the Amount field to define static amounts.
  4. Click OK to save and insert the formula into the selected check or form, and close the Formula dialog.

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